Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Materials for Bathroom Remodeling

modern bathroom design materials and ideas for bathroom remodeling

Large glass and mirror surfaces for small bathroom design


Modern bathroom design trends offer numerous beautiful materials for interior decorating, wall design, ceiling and floor decoration. The practicality of bathroom design materials and aesthetic appeal of functional, comfortable and modern bathroom design are two main factors to consider.

Lushome shares modern bathroom design trends in decorating materials and offers great inspirations for large and small bathroom remodeling. Natural and eco friendly materials, and their creative combinations are a secret for Green bathroom design and decorating. High quality materials and comfortable bathroom design ideas help create luxurious and modern interiors that increase home values and add chic to lifestyle.

There are many beautiful and popular materials for modern bathroom design and decorating, Lushome collection demonstrate the best design trends and decorating ideas that bring traditional ceramic tiles, wood and glass into modern bathrooms and blend them with contemporary concrete, decorative panels and pebble tiles, giving unique character to modern bathroom design.

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Modern bathroom design trends in materials

Modern bathroom design materials, ceramic, stone, wood and glass

Eco friendly, natural, traditional and contemporary materials for bathroom design and decorating have different features and can be suitable for large or small spaces. Wooden walls look better in spacious bathrooms, while simple and smooth surfaces and light bathroom colors are perfect for small bathroom design.

1. Simple surfaces, concrete and plaster wall design.

Concrete wall design, modern bathroom design trends

2. Glass and mirrored surfaces.

Large glass and mirror surfaces for small bathroom design

3. Paint for decorating bathroom walls.

White and light blue bathroom colors, small bathroom design and decorating walls with paint

4. Modern tiles.

Ceramic tiles, glass shower doors and large wall mirror for spacious and modern bathroom design

5. Artificial stone tile designs and ceramic granite tiles.

Ceramic granite tiles for modern bathroom design

6. Mosaic tile designs.

Mosaic tiles, black and white bathroom design

7. Bathroom wallpaper designs.

Bathroom wallpaper in black and white for decorating bathroom walls

8. Marble.

Marble bathroom design and white decorating ideas

9. Natural wood, salvaged wood and rustic wood materials.

Wooden walls and ceiling designs, modern bathroom design trends

10. Decorative wall panels.

Decorative wall panels, modern bathroom design trends and decorating ideas

11. Brick wall design.

Exposed brick wall design and white decorating, modern bathroom remodeling ideas

12. Creative combinations of bathroom design materials.

Wood, pebbles and painted wall design, modern ideas for bathroom remodeling and decorating

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