Modern Apartment Ideas Enhanced with Contemporary Lighting and Storage Solutions

contemporary interior design, contemporary bathroom design and storage solutions



Modern interior design enhanced with contemporary lighting fixtures creates beautiful, stylish and comfortable living spaces. Lushome presents a contemporary apartment with modern home interiors designed for a young family in Kiev. Contemporary lighting fixtures are creative and inspiring. Bright and modern interior design enhanced by bold lighting is envisioned by Ivan Yurima Architects studio,

The modern apartment ideas from Ukrainian architects turn an apartment in Kiev into a beautiful and comfortable modern home with interiors that are elegant and welcoming. 200 sq m apartment is located in the city center, offering an ideal location, ideal for a young family that enjoy modern lifestyle.

The modern interiors in contemporary minimalist style are functional and bold. Unique storage solutions and lighting design add to the functions and an aesthetic appeal of this home. Bright lighting fixtures and interesting design ideas create pleasant environment, blending coziness with convenience and creating truly interesting living spaces.

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Modern interior design with contemporary lighting and storage

Modern living room design with wall fireplace

White decorating ideas are versatile, suitable for any rooms and all interior design styles. White decorating ideas, combined with contemporary lighting can turn even gloomy small rooms into bright, stylish and impressive living spaces.

The modern living room area, dining and kitchen design are created to maximize the spaces, harmonize and balance interior design. The presence of wood adds warmth to the light interior decorating in minimalist style. The sleek interior design lines enhance the simple chic interiors.

Contemporary interior design and unique lighting ideas

The apartment ideas include the open floor plan that bring a continuity into these modern living spaces with no dark hallways. Creating new, functional and modern interior design was the key. The architectural interiors blend open living areas with private spaces.

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Modern interior design in contemporary style

Six rooms and three bathrooms in this luxurious apartment provide fabulous living spaces for a young family. Unusual and interesting storage solutions and contemporary lighting make the well organize walk-in-closet look spectacular. High quality materials, open and modern interiors, comfortable decor and minimalist style were used to turn the living spaces into elegant, stylish, functional and comfortable home interiors.

Contemporary kitchen design with island and bar chairs in white

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