Masculine Interior Design Ideas, Comfortably Dark Room Colors, Textures, Styles

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Personalizing masculine interiors with original accents


The masculine interior design calls for spaciousness and functionality. Even small rooms are organized for comfort in an elegant, free of clutter style. Beautiful combinations of decorative details, simplicity, classy home furnishings and a mysterious touch of dark room colors turn even small apartments into modern interiors with a masculine vibe. Check out the collection of interior design ideas, see if you like dark room colors and clutter-free decorating.

Modern interior design for guys features surprising and unique details which make a statement and give character to the rooms designed often with blue, gray color tones, beige, browns, black and white colors. Deep green and red colors, orange and yellow are color shades that are popular for accentuating masculine interiors. Contemporary apartments blend cool neutral colors with comfortable brown color shades creating the calming interior design which is relaxing, cozy, and beautiful.

Modern interiors for guys

Dark interior colors, bedroom design

Interior design colors

Black and white decorating ideas allow to play with sharp contrasts and create darker or lighter rooms. The black color is perfect for guys interiors. Black is elegant and classy. Black brings mystery into room decorating and offers practical, attractive, and versatile color design. Combined with whites, black fills any room with chic and sophistication.

Masculine interior design ideas

Bachelor apartment ideas blending functionality and ergonomic design

Modern masculine design and decorating ideas for cool guys

Minimalist apartment with a masculine vibe

Unusually colorful interior design for guys

Eclectic interior design style for men

Lighting ideas and design materials

Lighting ideas and design materials are two other important things for creating a masculine atmosphere. Soft lighting in home interiors that feature wood, stone, leather, concrete, metal and glass elements create comfortable and relaxing rooms for rest and work. There is no need for large chandeliers. Spotlights, contemporary floor lamps, pendant lighting fixtures, original wall lights are perfect for masculine lighting design.

Black leather furniture, soft lighting

Decor and styles

Geometric patterns, hexagon wall mirrors, and shiny metal accents are the excellent ways to give a unique, stylish look to beautiful rooms designed for guys. The masculine interior design is personal and comfortable. Dark interior colors blended with favorite hues, decorative items reflecting the taste and hobbies of the homeowners allow designing original and intimate rooms for boys and men. The classic style, contemporary minimalist style, high-tech style and clutter-free decorating work well with dark room colors and chic furnishings.

Comfortable and functional interior design for men, reading corner

Scale and textures

Teen boys and young men like straight lines and sleek design. Squares, rectangles, and triangles work well with ovals and circles softening masculine interior design. Large home furnishings, like a living room sofa or a dining table made of natural wood or with metal details, are ideal for decorating. Rich floor rug and expensive window curtains complete the sophisticated look of a masculine room.

Wooden wall design, leather floor rug, comfortable bedroom design with a masculine vibe

Space-saving and organization

Space-saving ideas and efficient storage solutions are the essential parts of the masculine design. Folding furniture items and multifunctional furniture pieces are ideal for teenage bedroom decorating and furnishing small apartments for young guys. Turning room dividers, folding tables, pulling out storage boxes improve small spaces and allow to adjust the interior design for various functions.

Rotating room divider and storage unit, space-saving ideas for small rooms
Personalizing masculine interiors with original accents
Gray and black room colors, living room design for guys

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