How to Turn Small Spaces into Modern Home Interiors and Increase Home Values

small bedroom decorating in white and black, sross and striped decoration patterns
Black and white bedroom decorating with cross and striped accents



Small spaces can look airy, spacious and stylish, providing comfortable, cozy and modern homes. Home staging is an art of turning small spaces into beautiful and functional rooms that offer stress-free lifestyle, increase home values and help sell properties for higher prices. Lushome shares home staging tips for transforming small rooms into attractive, inviting and modern interiors which look airy and comfortable.

Interior design and decorating experts suggest to select and change room decor according to your changing lifestyle or create universally appealing home interiors for fruitful and quick home sale. Simple interior redesign ideas and home staging tips can transform all small spaces, lacking interest or dark, into bright, functional and modern interiors which attract and make people comfortable.

Check out modern interior design and decorating ideas for small spaces, find your favorite, steal the look or come up with unique solutions for your small rooms. Use free home staging tips and expert recommendations to add an airy feel and a stylish look to your small spaces and create more comfortable and beautiful home for your family or sale.

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Stretching small spaces with light, apartment ideas by Superpozycja Architekci, Poland

1. Light and color design ideas

Bright home interiors are more functional and appealing. Plenty of natural light and efficient artificial lighting add brightness and universal appeal to comfortable home interiors. Color design that includes bright hues and light neutral color tones harmonizes home interiors, accentuates a cheerful atmosphere and creates a pleasant mood in small rooms.

All brown colors of natural wood, light stone and brick, monochromatic color schemes and neutral color combinations with whites are excellent for small interior design and decorating small spaces.

Modern interior with colorful accents

2. Multifunctional interior design

Attractive, light, and elegant room dividers and different colors can create distinct functional zones even in small spaces. Space-saving and multifunctional interior design ideas emphasize the purpose of each area and every item in your small rooms while improving functionality and aesthetic appeal. These simple home staging tips can help add depth to all rooms and bring visual interest to interior design.

Living room design with reading nook

3. Simple shapes and lines

After decluttering and organizing, simple shapes and lines and light room colors are essential elements of stretching small spaces. The simplicity of geometric shapes and straight or curvy lines creates a pleasant optical illusion of bigger living spaces. Geometric decoration patterns look very modern while creating attractive homes that feel airy and stylish.

Small bathroom design, black and white decorating ideas, wooden wall and shower curtain with zigzag pattern

4. High-quality interior design and decorating materials

Natural materials add gorgeous textures to interior design and create beautiful, comfortable and modern home interiors. Light colors and luxurious, elegant materials, like leather, wood, metal, fur, glass, ceramic and stone, create an expensive and bright look and increase home values.

Solid wood, marble countertop, ceramic tiles, white decorating ideas for small kitchen design

5. Functional room layout

Functional room plan is of particular importance for space-saving and comfortable interior design. Functionality and contemporary aesthetics are the key factors in creating small but modern spaces. Using vertical lines, floor rugs, lights or paint colors to define sleeping, dining, entertaining zones, you can create beautiful, compact and functional room layouts. Efficient storage, good organization, and wisely chosen room furniture for decorating small apartments and homes just increase the effect.

Functional modern interior design, Cstone Cottage, 16th-century chalet redesign by DGA Architects

6. Unique character

Vintage furniture, decor accessories or architectural features give character to the interior design. Old stone or brick walls, salvaged wood beams, windows in vintage style are strong trends in decorating modern interiors. While recycling and giving a new life to old things, you can explore fresh ways of mixing old and new for modern interior design.

Modern dining room decorating, contemporary glass top table and upholstered chairs in classic style

7. Industrial style

Industrial style accents, salvaged wood, and vintage furniture are the latest trends in decorating that are versatile and suitable for all rooms. These interior trends reflect the modern spirit of freedom and originality bringing fresh ideas into traditional home staging and sprucing up decorating small apartments and homes. Open layouts, studio-like feel, light window treatments or open windows increase small spaces visually. Perforated metal panels, exposed brick walls, large colorful artworks, concrete countertops or sinks, pendant lights with metal lamp shades or exposed light bulbs are modern interior design ideas that bring an industrial style vibe.

Exposed brick wall design, modern apartment ideas by RSRG Architetos, Melbourne

8. Graphic accents and modern decoration patterns

Contrasting geometric patterns and unique graphic designs are perfect for spacious and small rooms. Using classy stripes, zigzags, crosses, diamonds and square motifs individually or in creative combinations adds interest to home interiors and make them feel bright and stylish.

Black and white bedroom decorating with crosses and striped accents

9. Gray color tones for decorating small rooms

The black color is classy and elegant. A touch of black color transforms interiors creating sharp contrasts. Painting chairs legs black or adding black picture frames to a light wall makes small spaces appear more appealing and stylish. A touch of black color brings drama into small spaces, beautifies interior design, makes decorating and home staging for sale elegant and universally appealing.

Black accents for decorating small rooms

Gray color tones are timelessly stylish and elegant, and medium gray hues are not too dark for small rooms. Moderate or light gray color is ideal for home staging. Accent walls, furniture, and decor accessories are smart ways of using gray color for decorating and home staging. Off-white and light gray can turn small spaces into modern home interiors while beautifully matching existing room colors and creating a spacious, airy feel.

Black and white wallpaper with frame pattern, modern wall decoration idea

10. Creative material and color combinations for small rooms

Uniqueness is one of the strongest interior trends in decorating small apartments and spacious homes. Innovative mixes of textures and colors allow finding fresh solutions for decorating small spaces. Silver gray color, shiny finishes, warm copper or golden decorations, bright accents mix with classy neutral colors and all creamy whites. Originality and a fusion of styles work beautifully with natural wood and fabrics for creating unique interior design and decor.

Natural wood texture and brown colors, modern furniture for small bathroom design

While decorating with stylish accessories made of wool, linen, cotton, silk, fur or metal, you can enhance modern interiors by adding traditional wall mirrors or classic black frames and glossy ceramic items. Unusual and surprising ideas look spectacular in large and small spaces creating original and modern interiors.

  by Ena Russ   

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