How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Canopies and Sun Shelters

recycling plastic bottles for canopy and sun shelter designs

Wooden frames and suspended plastic bottles

How can you recycle plastic bottles which create so much non-biodegradable trash, dangerous for the environment and pack landfills? This amazing and colorful idea for DIY projects demonstrates how to recycle plastic bottles for canopies and sun shelters, and tackle this pervasive problems. Lushome presents an original recycling idea to transform trash into unique and eco friendly canopies and sun shelters by Garth Britzman.

Creative ways to reuse and recycle, and even upcycle and transform plastic bottles into artworks, unusual and functional architectural designs, clothing and garden decorations inspire wonderful DIY projects and bring surprising results. Using 1,500 recycled plastic bottles, this parking canopy in Lincoln, Nebraska, shows ho to recycle plastic bottles bringing a fresh look into life.

Created by American artist Garth Britzman in collaboration with University of Nebraska students, the parking canopy took 200 hours to make. It is a nice way to recycle plastic bottles, and decorate with color. A bit of coloured liquid within each bottle make bottles heavier while adding some vibrancy to the transparent plastic.

Artistic ways to recycle plastic bottles caps, recycled crafts for kids

How to recycle plastic bottles for canopies and sun shelters

Recycling plastic bottles with colored liquid for colorful canopy

This temporary installation give great inspirations and demonstrate how to recycle plastic bottles and design a canopy for a small car parking, patio canopy and sun shelter for your outdoor seating area. An intriguing design is created with suspended plastic bottles.

Bright and quirky, this DIY project demonstrates that simple, widely available and non-biodegradable material can easily be transformed into something functional and decorative.

Wooden frames and suspended plastic bottles

Creative sun shelters and canopies recycling plastic bottles can upcycle the waste and transform useless items into functional and interesting home decorations. These canopy and sun shades made of plastic bottles can provide shade and add unique details to backyard designs, personalizing parking and outdoor seating areas.

Plastic recycling, cheap home decorations made with plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottles for jewelry organizers, simple recycled crafts

A wooden frame, a wire grid and suspended plastic bottles are all you need to design canopies and sun shelters. Think about the color scheme of your canopy design. You can design a specific pattern, image or symbol, or use colored liquid inside the plastic bottles to create an abstract pattern one color design or decorate with monochromatic color hues.

Colorful pattern created with plastic bottles and colored liquid

Color design can be created with water, food dyes and water-soluble paints. Punch a hole in a plastic bottle cap, use thin rope make a big knot and suspend each bottle following your color design.

Recycling plastic bottles caps to improve plastic bag storage

Plastic recycling for building fences, 20 Green ideas

Plastic bottles can be suspended at different heights, giving another dimension to your backyard designs. Plastic bottles can be glued together. Creative ideas for DIY projects allow to find unique ways how to recycle plastic bottles and add colorful details to backyard designs.

Suspended plastic bottles

Photography by Garth Britzman

  by Ena Russ   

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