Home Redesign Turning Old Cottage into Colorful Modern House

contemporary home with modern exterior, green and red accents


This modern house located in sunny California presents a redesign and renovation project which turned an old cottage into bright and modern residence. The old single story home looks fresh, interesting and inviting today after a team of designers rebuilt it and transform it into a dream home with the bright house exterior, attractive yard and modern interiors.

This cozy home provides a wonderful residence for a family. Lushome presents this redesign project, demonstrating  interesting details of house exterior and beautiful interior design ideas that are envisioned by architectural firm Ana Williamson Architect. The villa is called Cloud Street Residence. After creative renovation and redesign this ordinary cottage became the impressive, bright and modern home brighten up by accents in green and red colors.

Bright and modern living room design, spacious and functional kitchen and dining interiors, cozy bedrooms and beautiful yard with a patio offer pleasant and welcoming living spaces for a family. Vaulted ceiling designs and additional light sources fill modern interior design with light and fresh feel.

Colorful interior design in eclectic style turned old farm house into cozy and modern home

Modern house design and home interiors

Modern interior design, living room design and decorating with red accents

The redesign project change home interiors completely. Large glass doors in the dining room connect modern interior design with the yard and lead into a cozy patio. Attractive patio ideas and decorating with glass stretch living spaces visually creating the larger home.

The Cloud Street Residence is a modern house with functional and comfortable layout, creative exterior design and aesthetically appealing interior design. The modern house is bright and colorful, blending neutral colors with saturated color shades that bring warmth into home interiors and add character to the entire house design.

Modern kitchen with island design and large windows

Interesting details of house exterior colorful accents in bright green and red colors give character to this modern house. Simple patio ideas and modern interior design look more interesting, exciting and stylish with decorative accents in bright green and red colors.

Contemporary interior design ideas enriched with colorful accents

Modern dining room decorating with clear glass pendant lights and wooden furniture
Modern interior design with large glass doors connecting dining room with patio

  by Ena Russ   

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