Girls Bedroom Ideas, Attic Girl Room Design with Small Playhouse

girl room design and decorating ideas, attic redesign
White painted wooden playhouse, girl room design and decorating


Creative girls bedroom ideas provide great inspirations for personalizing kids rooms, surprise and delight young girls. This wonderful girl room design is truly beautiful, original, fresh and creative. The girls bedroom features a small playhouse design painted white, which creates a striking centerpiece for the attic room design ad decorating.

Girls bedroom with a playhouse is an every girls dream. This wonderful girl room design and decorating ideas are envisioned by talented Spanish designer March Corsini.  ​​24 square meters ( 258 sq ft ) of attic area is transformed into beautiful girls bedroom with a few functional zones and bright room decor. The inconvenience of roof slants is turned into a perfect decoration.

Lushome presents this amazing project that give a great inspiration to turn any attic space into a wonderful kids room and enjoy colorful kids playroom ideas. The attic is divided into two areas. A wooden partition that looks like a wooden cabin separates the sleeping and play zones. Bright painting ideas and colorful home decorations create a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere and add charming touches to children furniture.

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Attic girl room design and decorating ideas

Colorful attic redesign, girls bedroom and playhouse

The girls bedroom and kitchen are decorated with paint and light colors. Floral wallpaper with roses create beautiful wall designs and bring romantic mood into girls bedroom. Bright children furniture and decor accessories are combined with bedding in delicate pastel tones, adding softness to contrasting colors and vivid girls bedroom ideas.

This girls bedroom features a charming small house to play and dream. This creative playhouse adds fun to girls bedroom and make a statement. The house facade is made of boards in different thickness creating a realistic look. A cute door eye is created in the heart shape enhancing the romantic girl room design.

Bright color combination and white decorating ideas for girls bedroom
White painted wooden playhouse, girl room design and decorating

The playhouse has the playing area decorated in a country home style. A colorful striped rug welcomes guests. Bright accents beautifully decorate the playhouse with a kids kitchen that feature colorful kitchen appliances, a fridge, a sink, a microwave and a stove. The playhouse is cozy and comfortable, a great addition to any girl room design. Even dolls have their own tiny wardrobe.

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Attic girls bedroom design ideas and white, turquoise blue and pink color combination

Sleeping and playing areas are decorated with love, creating comfortable and very romantic girls bedroom with under bed drawers for linen. A decorative ball made of bright cocktail umbrellas, colorful birds decorations and flowers give a festive touch to the girl room design and decorating.

Children furniture and modern wallpaper for kids room decorating

Children furniture, convenient wall shelves, kids table in red color and chairs with colorful cushions look bright and exciting. Creative girl room decorating ideas, bright room colors, playful designs and charming kids furniture turn the attic into a wonderful playhouse which provide ultimate comfort and fun.

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  by Ena Russ   

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