30 Beautiful Girl Room Design and Decor Ideas Enhanced by Bright Room Colors

girl room decorating ideas, kids bedroom furniture and decor accessories

Beautiful girl room decorating with light fabrics and floral designs


15 beautiful girl room design and decorating ideas that Lushome shares in this post with its readers will help create comfortable, very attractive, functional, bright and modern kids room decorating for young girls and teenagers.

Beautiful girl room design and decor ideas offer great opportunities to create a very special, safe and cozy environment with your kids favorite things and room colors. Bright and inviting girl room design ideas turn ordinary rooms into warm retreats where girls will be glad to sleep and wake up, do homework, chat with friends, read and dream.

Many different room colors, including traditional pink, can be used for girl room design and decorating. Bright and neutral colors, stylish and classy room colors create completely different girl room design and decor projects that bring fresh and new ideas into bedroom designs for your girls and beautify teenage bedroom decorating.

Girl room design and decor ideas

Light neutral colors and white decorating ideas for girl room design

Storage shelves on the walls, unusual furniture, like black and red student desks, bright room colors and warm wooden floors, simple elegance of contemporary home furnishings and wicker baskets that provide nice storage for small items are just a few girl bedroom decorating ideas that make kids bedroom designs comfortable and functional.

Exposed brick wall designs and accent wall decoration with modern wallpaper create gorgeous displays with large pictures or shelves with toys.  Bright room colors and decoration patterns create stimulating and energizing atmosphere in children bedroom. Bright posters, personal letters or wooden letters that create meaningful words give character to girl room design and decorating.

Girl room design and decor in white colors

Bright accent wall designs, complimented with cheerful blankets, curtains, floor rugs and storage, create beautiful girl room designs, enhanced by classy white decorating ideas. Off-white tones and crispy white decor details are perfect for kids bedroom designs. White is versatile and elegant, and create fabulous color combinations with all other room colors.

Kids room decorating for young boy and girl sharing one bedroom

Handmade kids room decorations, cheap ideas for decorating toddler bedrooms

Kids bedroom decorating for little girls

Colorful modern wallpaper patterns, wooden bedroom furniture, like a chair, light chest and desks create attractive accents and make kids bedrooms more functional and comfortable. Light yellow and pink, blue and green colors, combined with off-white and pleasant gray tones, feel airy, cheerful and very elegant with black architectural features and bedroom furniture, like a fireplace, wall shelves or beds.

Bright room colors, stripes and floral designs for girl room decorating

Light and dark room colors can be brought into girl room design with home furnishings and small decorations or toys. Bright, fresh and airy girl room decorating can be created with a modern student desk and ergonomic computer chair, white and black photography and colorful decor accessories, like wall clocks, indoor plants pots, lamp shades or door knobs in contrasting colors.

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Attic girl room design and decor in turquoise white, blue and pink colors

Teenage bedroom decorating

Teenage bedroom decorating for your daughters can combine classic and modern ideas, traditional and contemporary bedroom furniture and decor accessories in stylish bold and neutral colors. Attractive teenage bedroom decorating ideas and multifunctional room design create fabulous living spaces for big girls. Three functional areas – sleeping, study and fun zones, contemporary materials, like frosted glass and metal, stylish room colors and clutter-free room decor give a unique and modern feel to girl room design and create pleasantly surprising, comfortable and beautiful spaces.

Teenage bedroom furniture and accent wall design, golden and pink colors for girl room decorating
Accent wall design and light room colors, girl room decorating ideas
Romantic girl room design and decor ideas, green and pink color combination, floral designs and painting ideas
Beautiful girl room decorating with light fabrics and floral designs

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