Functional Garage Design Ideas and Storage Organization Tips to Increase Home Values

two car garage and storage ideas
Two car garage design, storage organization idea



Functional and comfortable garage design improves house appeal and increase home values. Attractive garage design ideas are not difficult to find or create considering basic factors that beautify house design. Garage needs to provide storage spaces and add more comfort to your lifestyle. It should match the house exterior design and enhance your property. Lushome collections give inspirations for beautiful and functional garage design that increase homes sale prices and create more pleasant, comfortable and stress-free lifestyle.

A convenient location and functionality of garage design are the most important. Lots of storage spaces on the walls and under the ceiling, clean and spacious garage design increase house appeal and home values. Front or side garage design ideas are among the most popular. The best garage location is where the house, the driveway and the parking lot are most accessible and convenient to use. The location plays a major role on the overall property and garage design. The easy access and ability to back up with ease add more comfort to driving and parking your car.

The available spaces around the garage and inside it determine how the garage design feel. Strong, functional and modern garage structure add to home values and attract potential buyers. The attractive materials and colors you use for the garage design, matching hour house architectural elements also play a factor in creating beautiful curb appeal and impressive house presentation.

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Garage storage systems increasing home values and improving lifestyle

Functional garage design ideas and tips for storage organization

Single car garage with barn doors

Your garage can be used as a party place, workshop, gardening shed and storage room before and after the garage is used to keep the vehicle secured. Garage interiors can serve multiple purposes if designed and organized properly, customizing walls and under the ceiling storage spaces. Efficiently utilizing the valuable spaces available on the floor, walls, and ceiling, your can increase the capacity of your garage, improve interior design and increase home values.

Your garage walls can accommodate most of your home tools, sport and gardening equipment. From broom to extension cords and hoses, ladders and food coolers, garage can store all your need. You can organize storage spaces for shoes, hats and winter coats, installing vertical storage on the walls for additional storage spaces.

Two car garage design, storage organization idea

Garage storage cabinets look especially great, protecting your belongings from the dust and smells. Garage cabinets are ideal storage solutions for all the items you want to keep hidden for many different reasons. Overhead storage spaces maximize the unused garage space under the ceiling by providing excellent storage for seasonal clothes, shoes, sports equipment and holiday decorations that you do not want to keep on the floor and do not have enough closet storage to keep in the house.

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Attractive and functional garage storage and organization improve aesthetic appeal and raise home values while demonstrating plenty of storage spaces. The functionality, safety and comfort are your main concern when thinking of garage design ideas.

Garage storage cabinets and under ceiling metal shelves with plastic containers, garage storage and organization

Convenient and attractively arranged garage storage spaces create a stress free, pleasant and comfortable lifestyle, universally appealing garage interior design and good storage organization that increase home values and help sell your house fast and for a better market price.

Two car garage with windows

How your garage looks and feels is important for quick and profitable home sale. Clean surfaces, light neutral colors of the floor, walls, ceiling and doors, functional and convenient to use storage cabinets, wall shelves and racks, good space panning and storage organization, attractive materials used for creating efficient storage spaces that maximize and enhance the functional interior design add to the garage aesthetics and increase home values.

Built-in wooden cabinets and shelves, luxury garage interior design

Garage exterior design ideas

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