Food Design of the Future, Beautiful by Nature from Katja Gruijters

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rye bread and brussels sprouts

Food decoration ideas, rye bread and Brussels sprouts

Food design project Beautiful by Nature is about finding best ways for food storing and cooking, which decrease food waste and allow people enjoy the best flavor of meals. The beauty of natural food and design ideas, inspired by the natural cycle, help create gorgeous meals for healthy lifestyle.

Sustainable food design ideas are getting popularity. Rationality, environmental friendliness and vitality are ingredients of sustainable food design for the future. Organic food restaurants on green roofs with tables placed right in the vegetable gardens are one of contemporary food design ideas for the future.

Vegetarian meals and raw foodism are two modern food design trends. Learning and teaching how to consume uncooked and unprocessed food is a large part of modern food design. Depending on the type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food design includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish as sashimi ans meat as carpaccio, raw milk, raw yogurt and raw milk cheese into diets.

Modern food design and creative food decoration

Food decoration ideas, rye bread and Brussels sprouts

Modern food design is focused on encouraging people to think about what they eat, creating a new culture of eating natural products, cooking with minimum use of contemporary technology and feeling joy while designing unique and attractive meals.

Modern food design ideas are about the research and invention of unique and healthy recipes, search for new flavors and  creating gorgeous food decoration.

Food decoration and contrasting color combination

Food designers use food as a design ad decorating material which reflect and communicate feelings. Food decoration is a way to learn old traditions, create new habits and share experiences.

Edible flowers, healthy and romantic table decoration

Food decoration ideas, carrot stars and grapes for orange decoration

The process of eating food becomes a special ritual, filled with vivid food images and associations. Meaningful food decoration evokes beautiful food pictures, complex emotions and memorable experiences.

Food design, Nature, Talent, Sensation and Action ingredients

Fun and food design for enjoying every moment in your life

Modern food design is a way to send a message that food must go through a growing process, storing, processing, packing, cooking, serving before bring joy to people. Contemporary technologies for storing and processing food, and even table ware manufacturing affect food quality.

Food design, chocolate and flowers, edible decorations

Beautiful food pictures

Food is powerful. Health and philosophy, spirituality and convenience, food decoration and energetic balancing of daily diet blend into contemporary science of food decoration, the art of reflecting what and how people eat.

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