Food Decoration Ideas from I&SBBDO, Amazing Japanese Food Design

edible decorations made with seaweed

Edible decorations made of seaweed, traditional Japanese food design ideas


Food decoration ideas from I&S BBDO reflect modern trends that new developments in advanced science and technology bring into our life. Umino Seaweed Shop uses contemporary design ideas from I&S BBDO, developed for popular Japanese food decoration, and offers the box with unusual edible seaweed rolls, called laver in English and nori in Japanese for just $10.

Creative food decoration ideas from I&S BBDO, helped create attractive and unusual patterns on seaweed pieces, turning this traditional Japanese meal into beautiful edible decorations which add more interest to table decor.

Nori are made by a seaweed shredding and rack-drying process that resembles paper making. Traditional seaweed rolls are now transformed into impressive edible decorations by contemporary technology of precise laser cutting.

Food design ideas, new concepts in food decoration and eating

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Advanced Japanese food decoration ideas

Edible decorations made of seaweed, traditional Japanese food design ideas

Now sushi and onigiri, wrapped in seaweed, decorated with gorgeous patterns look unusual and striking. Advertising agency I&S BBDO has used a laser to make the original seaweed pieces look beautiful and irresistible.

The sophisticated laser cutting technology allowed to create different patterns and offer people a larger menu with five different foods made like traditional Japanese nori: sakura, mizutama, asanoha, kikkou and kumikkou.

Precise laser cutting technology for traditional Japanese food decoration

Gorgeous laser cutting patterns dramatically improved the traditional Japanese food presentation, which is an important part of Japanese culture.

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The price of the box with five different seaweed rolls is $10, but the company plans to make more food, using beautiful seaweed pieces and lower the price in the future.

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 13.10.2016


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