Floating Modern Homes, Fiorella Yacht, Space Saving Interior Design Ideas

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Floating modern homes allow people to reconnect to the nature, bringing excitement and adventures into their life. Small floating home Fiorella Yacht can be used for a sleepover or a special dinner party, if you live on a lake or have a large pond.

Fiorella Yacht design idea is inspired by a beautiful water lily flower, offering an amazing opportunity to experience the nature and enjoy the beauty on lakes and large ponds.

Fiorella Yacht from South Korean designer Hyun Seok Kim can dramatically changeĀ  the view at what yachts, floating modern homes or gazebos in the future should look like. Fiorella Yacht is a blooming flower, resting on a calm water surface and offering unforgettable experience.

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Small floating houses, space saving interior design and foldting furniture

Fiorella Yacht structure is similar to a ship design, safe and comfortable. Simple interior design with a dining table and a round bed, underwater windows and soft decorative materials, a moving deck that can be lifted up to the water line, create versatile and multifunctional space.

This beautiful floating house is excellent for short excursions and dinner parties, or just resting and enjoying the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the lake.

Multifunctional interior design ideas, folding furniture and moving deck, unique floating houses for day trips

Floating modern homes in small sizes can be great additions to lake front homes, making backyard ideas more luxurious, interesting and exclusive. Comfortable and stylish space saving interior design ideas include folding furniture for dining and resting.

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Functional and very decorative petals of the flower-like floating home are used as gangways and for balancing on the waves, reducing its rotating movements.

The moving floor allows to create additional space and keep a good balance, and makes the flower-like floating house stable and safe. Space saving interior design ideas create a multifunctional room, perfect for a day trips, family weekends, romantic getaways and lovely vacations on a lake.

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 10.02.2012