Finding Green Furniture for Modern Home Decoraitng in Eco Style

bamboo furniture, rocker chair and shelves

Bamboo furniture, eco friendly products for modern home decorating in eco style


Finding green furniture, decor accessories and eco friendly products for inexpensive, but comfortable and modern home decorating is not an easy task. The guest post by Celia Roche offers useful tips for finding green furniture that beautify and emphasize your modern home decorating in eco style.

Designing a new look for the interior of your home and keeping it green can sometimes pull you in two different directions. Many of the cheaper priced furnishings that are on sale are not environmentally friendly, and those that are eco-friendly can be overpriced and not always the kind of style that you’re looking for.

There are ways around this though. More and more information is made available by retailers on their supply chains, the sourcing of the materials used in their products, etc. You can make an informed judgement on whether a product you want to buy is environmentally friendly enough. And with big companies like IKEA leading the way in improving the eco-friendliness of its supply chains, gradually greener furnishings are becoming more mainstream.

Green furniture for modern home decorating in eco style

Certain pieces of furniture are easier to find in environmentally friendly options. For example, if you’re looking for cabinets, bookcases or sideboards, bamboo can be a very positive environmental choice.

Bamboo can be continually harvested without needing to destroy the whole plantation. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth – one Japanese bamboo species grows more than one metre a day.

As well as being fast growing and easy to harvest, bamboo is great for sequestering carbon.

One hectare can sequester 62 tonnes of CO2 every year, compared to a hectare of another tree species which sequesters only 15 tonnes of CO2 in a year. Bamboo also generates up to 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees.

Bamboo requires little water compared to other plants and because of its extensive root system, bamboo helps to prevent soil erosion and rain run-off. Bamboo plants stitch the soil together along fragile areas like river banks.

With the internet at your disposal it’s now possible to find all different types of furniture that are eco-friendly. For example, you can get an earth friendly leather sofa. With leather products, you need to check out the source of the leather used in the making of the sofa. Has it come from a certified tannery that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or metals during the tanning process, and are all waste products disposed of correctly or recycled?

If you have the time to research your purchases properly – and the budget to spend a little more than average on each piece of furniture – it is possible to decorate your home in an eco-friendly way.

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 04.06.2014


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