Fabulous Knit Throw Patterns Adding Warm Texture to Modern Room Decorating

cable knit throw in gray color


Knit throw and pillows add a decorative touch to any living room or bedroom, bringing softness and warmth into room decorating in fall and winter. Knit throw and pillows look beautiful in kids rooms and home libraries, sunrooms and home theaters. These soft and decorative accessories make nursery decor and family rooms feel inviting and cozy, adding interesting knitting patterns to winter home decoration ideas and serving a functional purpose as well.

Knit throw blankets that are folded at the bottom of the bed or hanged over the back of the couch provide style and an extra layer of warmth to fall and winter decoration ideas. Kept within easy reach, these decorative accessories create a relaxing atmosphere.

Cable knit throw blanket and pillows serve a decorative purpose, adding color, gorgeous knitted patterns and style to any room decorating. Knit throw blankets are small blankets that provide both warmth and trendy look. For decorating with knit throw blankets you can throw them over the back of sofas and armchairs and fold at the foot of the bed or in an attractive storage basket.

Knitted throw blanket and pillows for room decorating

Colorful knitted throw blanket, handmade home accessories

Thrown over the back of the couch, a cable knit throw blanket adds amazing texture, gorgeous knitting patterns and color to room decorating. A knitted throw that lies within easy reach is perfect for chilly nights in fall and winter decorating.

Folded at the bottom of the bed, a knitted throw blanket adds charm to bedroom decor and creates another layer of warmth to lay over a comforter at night, bringing a cozy feel into fall or winter home decorating.

Modern home accessories, knit throw pillow designs in purple and orange colors

Knitted throw blanket can be designed with one knitting patterns or a variety of knit throw patterns. A set of cable knit throw blanket and pillows that match in color or knitting patterns creates an elegant look and adds 3d texture and a sophisticated feel to room decorating.

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Cotton or wool knitted throw blanket and pillows  are pleasant, breathable and very decorative. A cashmere throw blanket is luxurious and hypoallergenic. A handmade wool knit throw is durable and cozy option. Fleece throws and faux fur throw bedding are soft and stylish, practical and functional.

Cable knit throw blanket for warm winter decorating

Knit throw blanket and pillows in modern colors

Gorgeous soft texture and unique knit throw patterns are modern trends in decorating with fabrics. Orange, grape, emerald green colors, soft white tones, reddish purple and all gray color shades, mocha and sandy brown color shades, golden yellow and rich blue colors are wonderful color choices for modern knit throw blanket and pillows.

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British company Elizabeth Douglas offers fantastic knitted throw designs hand made with 100% merino wool in bright and neutral color tones. These exclusive decorative accessories are a nice way to add ancient crafts to modern room decorating and enrich fall or winter home decoration ideas with beautiful home accessories that are machine washable, practical and functional.

Handmade cable knit throw blankets made of 100% wool for room decorating in fall and winter

Money saving tip

Crochet and knitted throw blanket and pillows are fabulous trends in home decorating that inspire and delight. Knitting a throw is a quiet and fun activity that improves mood and helps to relax. It is a save money on modern decorating. Knitting a throw is easy and simple, it does not require any special knitting skills, especially if the trow blanket and pillows are designed with simple knitting patterns, but handmade home accessories look so attractive, original and exclusive, perfect for creating unique, warm and stylish room decorating.

Handmade cable knot throw blanket in light neutral color for cozy winter home decorating

22 knit throw patterns and room decorating ideas

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