DIY Bird Feeders Inviting Feathered Friends to Lunch, Creative Recycling Ideas

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handmade yard decorations feeding winter birds
Creative craft ideas, recycling for handmade bird feeders



Bird feeders are perfect DIY projects during the coldest days of the year. Freeze in winter is a challenging test for people, small animals, and birds. Bird’s feeders with goodies that appear in local parks and backyards help save wildlife by providing nutritious sunflower seeds or millet. Here is the Lushome collection of DIY ideas for creative recycling and building bird feeders.

Many bird species spend the winter in large cities. People can help them survive in the cold. Handy materials and recycling ideas come into play, turning mayonnaise and milk containers into birds’ feeders. It is best to help birds with berries and fruits when outside temperatures are above zero. Otherwise, juices quickly freeze, and the birds cannot peck at the juicy foods. Then seeds and grains are the best ways to fill birds’ feeders.

Wood bird feeders, DIY design ideas

Recycling for handmade yard decorations, DIY bird-feeders

Winter crafts, recycling for handmade bird feeders

DIY bird feeders

Feeding birds in winter

Simplified designs are great for recycling pipes, plastic containers, plates, and cardboard boxes. Also, creative recycling of small baskets, old tableware, metal pieces, and salvaged wood turns useless things into functional yard decorations, like DIY bird feeders.

Winter craft ideas, recycling for DIY bird feeders

How to recycle plastic bottles for eco-friendly yard decorations, bird feeder designs

Easy-to-make bird feeder designs, recycled crafts


You can diversify the bird menu with crushed corn, oat flakes, sorghum. You can add fresh bacon and low-fat cottage cheese to enrich the bird’s winter diet. It is better to avoid throwing stale and moldy bread, which is unappealing aesthetically, and also, spoiled foods can be deadly for birds. Spoiled eats can be poisonous for birds.

DIY bird feeder recycling a plastic bottle

Hanging feeders

It would help if you hung the feeders correctly. Ornithologists recommend placing them so that there are bushes nearby that can protect small birds in case a predator suddenly appears around. Not only cats and crows but also falcons with hawks come to cities in winter and threaten small birds.

Handmade yard decorations, wood-pipe design
DIY yard decorations, recycling shoeboxes for crafts
Recycled crafts with plastic plates, easy bird feeders
Winter craft ideas, knitted bird feeder
Hanging a plastic container with bird foods, recycled crafts
Creative recycled crafts, handmade yard decorations made with wood
Frozen berries, seeds, grains, healthy bird foods
Basket bird feeder, recycled crafts to help small birds survive winter cold
Recycling kitchenware for DIY winter yard decorations
Creative craft ideas, recycling for handmade bird feeders

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