Decorating Plastic Bags with Drawings that Make Sandwiches Special and Spectacular

creative drawing on plastic bag


Decorating ordinary plastic bags for lunch sandwiches with creative drawings looks like a wonderful, inspiring and interesting idea for a special day. David Laferriere is a graphic designer and illustrator, who created many black-n-white and colorful ink drawings on plastic bags for his kids, adding creative art and more fun to their life.

The artists and designer, he is a awesome father who has been drawing funny images on his kids sandwich bags since 2008 using Sharpie markers, certainly encouraging children to grow creative and optimistic. Your kids must feel very happy when you give them a special sandwich in a plastic bag with a handmade drawing also.

This is a brilliant decorating idea for a special occasion that can be enjoyed by all. Adults and children will remember this unique sandwich bag and tell a story about the special treat and handmade drawing on a plastic bag that surprised and delighted.

Sandwich bag art

Cheese drawing on a sandwich bag

The drawing on a plastic bag is simple and wonderful idea that make a sandwich look elegant, unusual and more tasty on a special day. Drawing every day is a commitment, but making unexpected sandwiches  is not difficult and simply great.

Also drawing on plastic bags may look like a waste of ink when you do it regularly, making a special lunch sandwich on a birthday or any special day once in a while feels like an excellent idea that will improve mood and make people feel very special.

Creative drawings on sandwich bags

The artist says, – each drawing is done just after I make the sandwich. I take a picture and post to flickr. My kids don’t see the drawing until it is lunchtime. For more amazing drawings on plastic bags  >>

Black bat on a sandwich bag

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