Contemporary Kitchen Design, La Cornue W Stove by Jean Michel Wilmotte

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This contemporary kitchen cabinet is a freestanding oven tower that looks more like a beautiful storage furniture piece than a functional unit with a kitchen appliance. Lushome presents the induction stove and remote controlled hood which make this unique contemporary kitchen set designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, for La Cornue.

The unique kitchen stove looks like a modern table and features four inductors laid out around the central workspace. The kitchen appliance is designed to stand alone or against a wall. The matching hood is made of gray glass and lacquered metal bringing chic and elegance into the modern kitchen design.

The oven tower is a wooden cabinet with three drawers for convenient and well-organized storage. The tower unit houses an electric oven, pull out drawers and a large cupboard at the top of it for pots and bowls. The unique design offers an alternative to traditional French Art de Vivre. The innovative culinary range is a professional appliance that can be appreciated by chefs.

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Free standing kitchen cabinet with oven and storage drawers, contemporary kitchen design

This new furniture and kitchen appliance design idea creatively reflect the ambition of Xavier Dupuy, La Cornue Chairman and grandson of Albert Dupuy, who founded the brand in 1908. The revolutionary range is called La Cornue W. It is an elegant, unique and modern kitchen appliance from the innovative company.

It is the first time in thirty years that La Cornue has created a new model. It is also the first time in the history of electrical appliances that the leading designer and architect created a kitchen stove. Four years of work created this original range blending striking design, art, and architecture.

Three drawer cabinet for kitchen storage and oven, new kitchen design trends

La Cornue responds to new demands and new trends. The beautiful kitchen appliances have top ranking technical features. The induction hob and indicator lights located on the sides of the hob create the attractive, functional, and comfortable design to please any chef.

Kitchen stove and hood, contemporary kitchen design idea

The polished stainless steel adjustment knobs are located on the front and easy to use. The hot plates are laid out in a rainbow leaving a space in the center for preparing food, pans and kitchen tools. The layout of the work area is practical, and the look of the new kitchen appliances is fantastic.

Kitchen table with induction stove, contemporary kitchen design idea

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