Contemporary Interior Design Around Modern Fireplaces in Living Rooms

large window fireplace

Mid-century modern fireplace, large windows, contemporary furniture

Comfortable living room furniture placement ideas create an elegant and comfortable interior design around fireplaces. A modern fireplace is a beautiful and functional centerpiece that defines room design and decorating. Lushome presents attractive contemporary interior design ideas and offers simple tips for home staging with a fireplace. Check out the creative, elegant, modern ideas from design professionals and use them in your home interiors.

Modern fireplaces come in various designs. Wall and ceiling mounted fire-places can be central or corner types. Mid-century modern, classic, and contemporary designs define the style of modern interiors, and room sizes and owners’ lifestyles call for different furniture placement and decorating ideas. Two-side and rotating fireplace models are examples of contemporary designs that bring exciting technologies into homes and improve the functionality and flexibility of modern interior design. Built-in, hanging from the ceiling, classic or contemporary, a fireplace and comfortable furniture placement around it creates warm and welcoming living rooms, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

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Modern living rooms with fireplaces

White decorating ideas, living room fireplace in classic style

You need to consider a few things when choosing a fireplace for your living room, or when you are decorating your existing features.

1. Small spaces call for compact models with minimum decoration.

2. Living room furniture placement around a fireplace creates an inviting and cozy interior design.

3. A fire is an impressive feature that needs only a light touch of decorating.

4. Fireplace decorating should emphasize the design and amplify the unique charm of the architectural feature.

5. A fire looks particularly beautiful in soft light, while false fireplace designs ask for bright illumination.

6. Safety is an essential part of room design with a fireplace.

Tiled fireplace and blue walls, living room design in classic style

Mirrored panels make fabulous accents, bringing real and false features to life. Even a few small mirrored tiles mounted at an angle create a stunning difference in living room designs. Also, large windows add spectacular features to modern living rooms and work well with fireplaces in bright and spacious home interiors. A beautiful view of a garden or natural landscapes help to relax and enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace in a living room.

Carved wood fireplace design and two armchairs
Contemporary interior, glass staircase design, woodstove
Modern living room design, hanging from the ceiling fireplace, design in mid-century modern style
Glass fireplace design, living room placement idea
Wall fireplace in black
TV and fireplace with living room furniture placement
Mid-century modern fireplace, large windows, contemporary furniture
White fireplace decorating with a large wall mirror, living room furniture placement
Contemporary fireplace design

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