Contemporary Computer Desk and Swivel Chair from Dutch Designers

computer desk and swivel chair

Computer desk and swivel chair in contemporary style


Dutch designers from Studio Makkink & Bey have combined a computer desk with shelves and a swivel chair in contemporary style, creating a functional and modern workspace unit in a single multi-functional furniture piece.

The contemporary computer desk with storage and a swivel chair are designed for Dutch Brand PROOFF. The design allows the chair to rotate ninety degrees and offers a surface that can be used as a side table. The chair backĀ  can be used a space partition also. The seat is placed above the base and can be moved independently.

The shelving unit serves as a storage furniture item and a writing or computer desk. The simplicity of clear lines and functional contemporary design make this unique furniture item very flexible, practical and comfortable to use, blending modern style and multi-functionality into interesting and elegant furniture design.

Computer desk and swivel chair in contemporary style

Light blue color creates an attractive combinations with soft white, light brown colors and a beige tone, as surfaces are mixed and matched for different looks.

More info your can find on the design studio website

Seat rotating independently

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  by Ena Russ   


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