Colorful Modern Interiors Highlighting Brazilian Ethnic Decorating in Eco style

traditional wood stove painted yellow color


Colorful modern interiors in ethnic styles are modern trends in decorating that bring happy memories of traveling to exotic countries into Western homes and create gorgeous interior design and decor with natural materials, rich colors and unique decoration patterns. Colorful modern interiors, inspired by ethnic decorating styles, make rooms feel like peaceful retreats on paradise islands in the Pacific Ocean, or warm and inviting houses of mysterious East Africa, or charming and bright Latin American country homes.

Modern interior design and decorating ideas that incorporate ethnic motifs and rich color combinations look surprising and interesting, unusual and stylish, giving a great opportunities to add the excitement to your interior design and  decorating, and enjoy an unforgettable experience and exotic country home decor. Modern interiors of this Brazilian country home charm with their natural feel of simple and comfortable eco style. Interior decorating ideas combine functional home decor items with wonderful, rich and neutral colors, that bring an energetic spirit of upbeat Brazilian culture into this peaceful countryside retreat.

Rich color shades, terracotta and pink, blue and green colors, blended with relaxing and universally appealing white decorating ideas, highlight Brazilian country home decor and show how to add gorgeous and stylish decorating color combinations to modern interiors in eco style.

Modern interiors in eco style and ethnic decorating colors

Modern interiors with white and blue walls, wooden beams and pillars and bright color accents that emphasize ethnic decorating ideas

Wood pillars and ceiling beams, wood furniture and crafts, like crocheted lamp shades and handmade floor rugs, knitted throws and embroidered pillows, give unique charm to rooms which look so attractive for those of you who appreciate country home decorating style and like to use natural materials and home fabrics for creating modern interiors in eco style.

This old Brazilian country home was redesigned and decorated with nature inspired ideas and color combinations. The entire house is decorated with wood that brings many different brown colors and grayish-brown, bluish-brown and yellow color shades, warming up country home decorating ideas. Yellow paint for a traditional stove and chair pads fabrics, combined with rich blue, soft blue and lilac tones, are reminiscent of a sandy beach and serene sky in the country that is famous for its beautiful ocean beaches.

Terracotta-red accent wall and stone-wood fireplace, floral cushions and furniture upholstery fabric, crocheted table lamp shade and handmade throw

The porch is a wonderful, comfortable and beautiful place to relax. Cozy upholstered chairs with green leaf pattern and stripes, metal fence in blue colors, terracotta floor and wooden structure create an inviting and elegant outdoor room.

Mini Pig bench and chair pads for interior decorating in eco style

Modern wallpaper patterns and colors, interior design and decorating in eco style

Living room decorating blends white and light blue wall paint color with floral patterns on decorative cushions and gray living room room furniture upholstery fabric, adding elegance to old wooden pillars and beams. Light neutral colors, like gray, white and light blue make interior design and decorating feel spacious and breezy.

Living room furniture upholstery fabric in light gray colors and sofa pillows with floral designs

Other rooms are also done in white, light blue or green colors, combined with light brown colors of wood and cold bright color accents. The seating area with a fireplace made of natural stone and wood is decorated in elegant and charming eco style, while ethnic details, white and brown floral designs with terracotta accent wall and bright decorative pillows bring an exotic ethnic flavor into living room design.

Christmas decorating in eco style

Modern bedroom decor themes for eco style

Kitchen and dining room decorating combines white decorating, natural light and rich color accents, creating bright and beautiful modern interior design in eco style. Bright chair paint and flowers on kitchen towels and cushions penetrate modern interior decorating in neutral colors and bring energy into kitchen and dining room.

  by Ena Russ   

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