Built Into Ceiling Beds, Space Saving Retractable Beds for Small Spaces

suspended bed design for small spaces



Here is a collection of space saving retractable beds, built-into the ceilings and creating flexible and multifunctional interior design while turning small spaces into comfortable and unusual homes. A hanging from the ceiling bed is a fun bedroom furniture item, a retractable bed design allows to use one space, transforming it into a living area or a bedroom.

An elegant built-into the ceiling bed, envisioned by designer Funn Roberts and built for actor Vincent Kartheiser, is a great example of space saving bedroom furniture for small spaces. A bed is a large piece of furniture, that can be disappear from your living room by using retractable bed design ideas.

The red curtain in front of this unique bed makes the sleeping area look romantic, adding a pleasant and spectacular element to interior design while making invisible strings and pulleys.

Suspended from the ceiling, retractable bed design for small spaces

Retractable beds built-into the ceiling

Suspended and retractable beds are one of interesting interior design trends that help efficiently utilize space in small rooms. The retractable beds are becoming more popular for decorating small apartments and homes. They delight and surprise showing the ability to create spacious living rooms and comfortable sleeping areas.

Space saving bed design, suspended from the ceiling
Space saving bedroom furniture, retractable bed design idea

Extensible sofas are space saving furniture that is great for small spaces, but a retractable bed add more comfort, interest and style to modem interior design, taking space saving solutions to the next level.

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Retractable beds hang on attractive metal wires or strong fabric straps. These beds can be raised to the ceiling, creating open space on the floor. Some of beds can be hidden inside the ceiling, creating a traditionally looking room.

Retractable bed for small apartment

Metal or wooden frames can be combined with small bed headboards that add elegance and character to retractable bed designs. Innovative, space saving and practical, these amazing beds are great for turning small spaces into spacious living spaces.

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Retractable beds can have very attractive appearance. Decorated with LED lights or curtains, these beds add true decoration to modern interior design while providing unique bedroom furniture and creating private and beautiful sleeping areas.

Raised to the ceiling retractable bed, space saving interior design ideas
Built-into ceiling retractable bed with curtains

  by Ena Russ   

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