Beautiful House Design Featuring Dark Wood and Stone Architectural Elements

modern home interiors with dark wood ceiling beams

Dark wood ceiling beams and classic fireplace seating area


Traditional house exterior design and modern interior decorating create beautiful homes that blend old and new. Natural materials and neutral colors are wonderful tools that connect old and new design ideas. Lushome presents a beautiful home in California, envisioned by DesignARC Santa Barbara as a gorgeous retreat blending traditional architectural elements and modern interior design.

The Hope Ranch Estate is a beautiful home with a traditional exterior design. Natural materials, stone walls and wood look great with surrounding landscape. The four-bedroom home occupies a south-facing view lot in Hope Ranch, a suburb of Santa Barbara characterized by narrow winding roads, horse paths and native oak trees. The three-acre grounds are carefully planted with native flora, designed to stitch the grounds and house exterior design into the surrounding landscape.

Its outdoor living spaces are spectacular. The stone patio and outdoor swimming pool overlooking the canyon add chic and charm to the perfect place for relaxation, meditations, exercising or entertaining. Beautiful outdoor living spaces and modern interior design highlight this traditional home built with natural materials.

Modern interior design and decorating with salvaged wood

30 country kitchen designs blending traditional and modern ideas

Modern interior design and decor with cottage vibe enhanced by wood ceiling beams

Modern house design with traditional materials

Modern house design with stone patio and swimming pool

Modern interior design feature many contemporary and creative elements. The foyer opens into a single, great space with the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Rustic, wide-plank grey hickory floors, rough-hewn natural wood ceiling beams and walls create stunning contrast to the all-white home interiors.

Large mahogany sliding doors connect the surrounding landscape with modern interior design. The living spaces blend with the pool deck which provides spectacular views of the distant Los Padres Mountains.

Modern living room design with sliding doors to the stone patio and swimming pool

Modern interior design ideas are functional and practical, celebrating the minimalist style and traditional natural decorating materials. Powerful contrast in textures and neutral colors create beautiful, comfortable and modern rooms.

Modern interior design and decor, white walls and dark wood ceiling beams
Modern kitchen design enriched by dark and light contrasts

Dark wood ceiling beams and classic fireplace seating area

Outdoor swimming pool and stone patio
Outdoor water fountain and stone wall design
Stone driveway and entryway design

  by Ena Russ   

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