Alternative Christmas Trees, 55 Innovative Holiday Tree Design Ideas

unique outdoor holiday tree
Unique Christmas tree design with string lights and colorful buoys


Alternative Christmas tree design and decoration became integral to incredible winter holiday celebrations. People put a lot of effort into alternative Christmas tree designs and create original holiday decorations that look innovative and exciting. Alternative Christmas trees contribute to making the winter season beautiful and unique. If you wonder how to make an alternative holiday tree and appreciate modern ideas, the Lushome collection is your fantastic inspiration.

Alternative tree designs come in various ways. You can reuse and recycle practically everything you have in your hands. Anything can work as decorative pieces, from traditional natural materials to unusual objects, to give a personal touch to your alternative design.

Modern design ideas for alternative Christmas trees

Creative holiday trees made with books

Carved wood trees, contemporary holiday decorations

Creative holiday trees

White Christmas tree, artful contemporary design idea

You can use the last year’s leftovers and add new items to create your alternative holiday tree. Check out the alternative Christmas tree collection and see how creative minds turn clutter into surprising, innovative, and beautiful holiday decorations that give a fresh look to traditional pyramid-like or tree-like designs.

Fun recycling ideas for creating artsy Christmas trees

Gorgeous winter holiday decorations and alternative tree design ideas

Fun design ideas for winter holiday trees on walls

Alternative holiday trees are a fantastic way to explore new design ideas and save money invested in traditional Christmas tree decorations. It is better to make something exciting than to feel bored with repetitive holiday decorations. Creative design ideas are a part of the modern Christmas celebration.

Outdoor Christmas tree, fun design idea

You can save money and spend them on winter holiday gifts, trips, and events. Alternative Christmas trees help stretch the budget while adding a surprising touch and creativity to happy winter holidays.

Contemporary design, modern Christmas tree
Outdoor Christmas tree made with lobster traps with evergreen branches and colorful buoys
Saguaro cacti with Christmas lights
Simplified contemporary design, geometric Christmas tree
Unique Christmas tree design with string lights and colorful buoys

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