55 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas, Stylish Wall Design Materials

marble kitchen island
White marble kitchen island and backsplash design, natural stone materials in modern kitchen interiors


Current kitchen backsplash ideas offer various attractive designs and materials to beautify modern interiors. Today backsplashes became kitchen decorations while serving as functional elements of kitchen designs. A backsplash and cabinets set the style and mood of the kitchen interiors. With a popular open layout, modern backsplash ideas make the entire living space more attractive and stylish. Here is the Lushome collection of modern backsplash ideas that designers suggest considering before your kitchen remodeling.

With many beautiful kitchen backsplash materials, you can find exciting and practical solutions for the working areas in your kitchen. To simplify the task, check out the modern backsplash designs and choose a few materials for your taste. Then weigh the pros and cons before selecting the best kitchen backsplash design for your home.

Popular design trends and kitchen backsplash ideas

Creative and modern kitchen backsplash ideas

Black and white kitchen backsplash designs

Modern backsplash design materials


Modern kitchen with exposed brick walls

Metal wall panels

Modern metal wall panels for kitchen backsplash designs

Wooden wall panels

Wooden wall panels and kitchen cabinets

Colorful ceramic tiles

White kitchen cabinets, modern ceramic tiles for backsplash designs in blue

Geometric tile designs

Stylish geometric decoration patterns, wall tile design in neutral colors


Pegboards for space-saving kitchen backsplash designs

3d wall tiles

Beautiful 3d wall tile designs for contemporary kitchen interiors

Glass panels

Decorating with glass panels, modern kitchen design

Artificial stones

Modern kitchen design, wood cabinets, manufactured stone materials for kitchen backsplashes

Natural stones

White and gray kitchen island and backsplash design, natural stone materials in modern kitchen interiors

Ceramic tiles

The most popular backsplash designs are tiled. Modern tile designs include colorful tiles, mosaics, oversized, and tiles in various geometric shapes, like hexagons, chevrons, triangles, diamonds, and picket designs.

Yellow kitchen tiles, modern backsplash ideas

Space-saving ideas for small kitchens

Pegboards are perfect contemporary backsplash ideas for those who like open kitchen storage. A pegboard is a perforated panel where you can place everything you need: from dishes and cutlery to pots for growing fresh herbs. Pegboard backsplash designs are space-saving and perfect for small kitchen interiors. The pegboard backsplash designs are unsuitable for every style and taste, but these space-saving backsplash ideas are practical and look organic in small kitchens and Scandinavian-style interiors.

Creative design trends, original kitchen backsplash ideas

Unusual kitchen backsplash designs

Modern kitchen tiles, backsplash ideas, floor decoration

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas

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