22 Modern Ideas for Kids Room Design and Decorating

kids room design and decor, space saving ideas for storage and organization

Modern ideas for kids room design, storage and organization


All children need personal spaces, and all kids have different requirements for their room design, decorating and storage organization. Kids preferences and ideas depends on their age, character and interests and reflect personal tastes. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful and modern ideas for school-age children and teenage bedroom design and decorating which provide great inspirations for kids and parents.

Modern ideas for kids room design and decorating include bright color schemes, dynamic contrasts and creative storage organization solutions, space saving teenage bedroom furniture and personalize accessories. Children grow quickly and smart kids room design and decor allow them to enjoy dramatic transformations and development.

Functional and modern kids room design and decorating create comfortable zones for various activities, study and rest. If kids room space allows to use two beds separated from each other, create two or even three sleeping zones, semi-private for each child sharing the bedroom. Furnishing kids rooms with bed tables, chest of drawers and shelving units providing enough storage space for every child creates comfortable kids room design that looks elegant and organized.

Black color, teenage bedroom wall decorating ideas

Modern ideas for kids room design optimizing storage and organization

Modern ideas for kids room design and decorating

Modern ideas for kids room design, storage and organization

1. Space saving storage.

2. Comfortable bedroom furniture for kids.

3. Bright room colors and contrasting details for kids room design and decorating.

4. Multifunctional bedroom furniture pieces, bed tables with storage shelves, beds with storage drawers.

Wooden furniture, green and blue color scheme for boys bedroom design and decor

5. Kids and teenage bedroom furniture made with eco friendly and natural materials, like metal and wood.

6. Age appropriate and safe kids bedroom furniture.

Modern teenage bedroom design ideas and stylish decorations

Functional kids room design, understanding kids nature

7. Kids room colors base on neutral color schemes, allowing to transform and change kids room decor as children grow.

8. Light kids room colors for small spaces.

Girl teenage bedroom design and decor in black-white and red colors

9. Personalized decorative accessories, handmade decorations for teenage bedroom decorating, kids drawings and crafts for young kids room design.

10. Unusual details that reflect your kids personality and hobbies, original designs, unique accents and room color schemes that include kids favorite colors.

Colorful floor rug and modern kids room furniture in white and purple colors

Kids bedroom furniture design ideas by Flexa, Ferrimobili, Moll, Julia, DeBreuyn.

  by Ena Russ   

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