22 Ingeniously Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas and Organizing Tips

space saving ideas for kitchen storage and organization

Open kitchen storage on wall racks


Simple kitchen storage ideas can offer ingenious solutions for small spaces and beautify large kitchen interiors giving them unique character and charm. Lushome collection of kitchen storage ideas provide great inspirations for adding smart kitchen storage to your home and create unique and more comfortable kitchen design.

Modern kitchen storage ideas are developed to improve interior design and make your kitchen comfortable, ergonomic and beautiful. All small kitchen appliances, utensils, cookware and small items in your kitchen can be attractively organized in designated places, blending ergonomic design with warmth of kitchen interiors.

Kitchen interiors can be filled with pleasant aromas of exotic spices and delicious cakes, while look organized and neat. Good kitchen storage keep all little things handy close and easily reachable, while decluttering kitchen interiors and organizing functional zones. Here are simple, clever and space saving ideas for kitchen storage that your can steal for your home.

Contemporary kitchen design, innovative storage furniture

30 space saving ideas and smart kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen storage ideas

Open kitchen storage on wall racks

1. Rotating kitchen organizers for small containers and spice organizers.

2. Kitchen shelves and hooks.

3. Open shelves for everyday kitchen storage.

4. Kitchen organizers for pans, pots and lids.

Baskets on shelves for small kitchen storage

5. Creating kitchen storage spaces for every functional zones allow to improve kitchen design and make modern kitchen interiors ergonomic, safe and comfortable.

6. Simple open storage for kitchen utensils and things you use often.

Healthy food storage solutions and eco friendly kitchen decorating ideas

25 modern ideas to customize kitchen storage spaces

7. Diving drawers create neat small spaces for organized kitchen storage.

8. Vertical kitchen storage for cutting boards, serving trays and large lids.

Open wall shelves and hooks for simple kitchen storage and decorating

9. Using spaces under wall cabinets for simple kitchen storage is one of the most popular and effective space saving ideas for convenient and compact kitchen design.

10. Cookware, tableware, small kitchen appliances and utensils can be used as accents for kitchen decorating, if you select a single color or color combination and display items in these colors on open kitchen shelves.

22 space saving storage and organization ideas for small kitchens

Modern kitchen storage solutions, spices storage ideas

11. Traditional china cabinets with glass doors make wonderful kitchen and dining room decorations. Your favorite china tableware set or unique decorative vases will look beautiful behind the glass doors while giving character to interior decorating.

Creative kitchen storage solutions, pegboard with hooks

12. Small details, like pretty baskets with labels, add charming feel to kitchen storage and organization. Wooden boxes, glass jars, metal net or plastic containers can be used for creating similar effects.

13. Using vertical surfaces for kitchen storage shelves, racks and hooks organizes kitchen design and creates more spaces in kitchen interiors.

Natural food storage system reinventing kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen organization and home staging tips

14. Freestanding shelving units and kitchen island designs on wheels are excellent ideas for improving the functionality of kitchen design.

15. Folding down shelves with lights for your cookbook or spice collection is a nice space saving idea to bring more comfort into modern kitchen design.

Folding down shelves with lights
Folding down shelves with lights, contemporary spice organizers
Magnetic storage ideas for kitchen interiors

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