21 Modern Wall Decorating Ideas to Refresh Home Interior without Redesign

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Modern wall decorating ideas offer fabulous ways to refresh your interior design, bring character into your room and enhance it in a unique style. An interior redesign takes time, money and effort while decorating with accents can transform living spaces on a dime. If you want quick solutions for your wall decoration, Lushome offers a collection of smart and easy wall decorating ideas which help find the best one for your room.

Creative wall decoration ideas are a fantastic tool for changing the entire interior design. Modern wall decor can compliment room decorating colors, its style, and theme, and make a statement. Unique wall decorating ideas help create entirely new living spaces without a time-consuming interior redesign. Unique, but straightforward and quick solutions that brighten up and refresh rooms are perfect for busy people.

Here is original and modern wall decorating ideas that help recycle what you have at home or use inexpensive materials for smart and beautiful room decorating. Surprising combinations of interior design materials, one-of-a-kind wall decorations, an unexpected fusion of styles, artworks and crafts can transform walls and refresh your interior design in no time.

25 recycling ideas turning clutter into modern wall decorations

Modern wall decor ideas, unique wall design personalizing home interiors

Modern wall decorating ideas

Doorway decorating with beautiful wallpapers

Here are modern ideas for original and unique wall decoration.

1. Recycle old wallpaper for accent wall design.

2. Use black wall paint to create a dramatic effect.

Bedroom decorating with black wall paint

3. Watercolor painting technique for modern wall decoration.

Watercolor painting ideas for modern wall decoration

4. Black and white wallpaper patterns.

Black and white wallpaper, modern wall decor ideas

5. Adding classic style ornaments and moldings.

Wall decoration in classic style

6. Creating Washi tape designs and unique decoration patterns on empty walls.

Washi tapes in bright colors for modern wall decoration

7. Handpainted, simple geometric patterns in black and white.

Modern decoration patterns for accent wall decoration

8. Glowing in the dark wall stickers.

Wall decorating with glowing in the dark stickers

9. Fake picture frames for posters and photographs.

Creative wall decorations, fake picture frames in various colors

10. 3d design ideas to add depth to modern walls.

Colorful 3d design ideas for modern wall decoration

11. Photograph for creating large displays.

Unique wall decorating idea, heart-shaped display of pictures on the wall

12. Abstract and geometric painting ideas for empty walls.

Wall decoration with unique and original patterns

13. Playful wall painting ideas, modern polka dots patterns.

Polka dot, playful and timelessly modern decoration patterns

14. Changing window curtains and adding more fabrics to empty walls.

Home fabrics for wall decorating

15. Painting walls the same color as room furniture.

Accent wall painting in a color of furniture

16. Bright paint color for an accent wall.

Bright wall painting

17. Wall decoration with modern mirrors and accessories in vintage style.

Wall mirrors for interior decorating

18. Adding texture to wall design.

Textured wall design and beautiful wallpaper patterns of bricks

19. Ceramic tiles, mimicking wood and wooden wall panels.

Salvaged wood and rustic wood wall panels

20. Modern decoration patterns, beautiful wallpapers in trendy colors.

Beautiful wallpaper and decor accessories in blue colors

21. Partial wall decoration with modern wallpaper and decorative accessories made with wallpapers.

Part of wall decorating ideas

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