20 Inspiring Colorful Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for All Rooms

bright room colors for modern home decorating

Bright room colors and white decorating ideas in Scandinavian style


Bright room colors are one of playful and energetic trends in home decorating. Modern ideas of using bold and cheerful colors are versatile and attractive, suitable for large interior design and decorating small apartments and homes. Lushome shares beautiful, colorful and creative interior design ideas and color combinations that are stylish and inspiring.

Modern ideas or traditional home decorating style work well with vivid color combinations. Bright room colors add personality to interior design and spice up home decorating while transforming white walls and bringing eye-catching home furnishings into living spaces.

Choosing bold color combinations for your interior paint colors, home furnishings, lighting fixtures, room furniture and decor accessories help brighten up your world and add character to interior design. Bright blue and lime green colors, warm peach or bright pink and purple colors are great for original and exciting color design.

Matching interior design colors, home furnishings and paint color combinations

Best paint colors for home staging

Bright room colors for modern interior design and decorating

Colorful modern living room design

Colorful room furniture, painted or upholstered in bright colors, small decor accessories in bright hues or lamp shades are great ways to compliment interior design in neutral colors and create playful and original rooms.

Bringing in color with room furniture upholstery fabrics, covers, lamp shades and small decorative accessories means that you can easily change interior design and decorating colors. Playing with colorful decor accessories are cheap ideas for transforming rooms.

Bright room colors and white decorating ideas in Scandinavian style

Small accents and cheap decorations in bright colors allow to enjoy new decor every season and create different looks as often as you want. Colorful details and decorative accessories are a convenient alternative to modern interior redesign and redecorating.

Modern bright paint colors to update rooms and add cheerful look to interior design

Latest trends in room colors, decoration patterns and home furnishings

Bright color design is one of natural and modern trends in decorating kids rooms. Bright, playful and rich room colors make kids room design feel interesting and unusual, sophisticated and impressive. Traditional blue and green colors or pink and purple colors can be complimented with other matching colors to bring fresh color combinations into kids room design and decorating.

Colorful living room furniture and decor accessories, modern interior design

Bight room colors can work for teenage bedroom designs, and a splash of bright color looks great in baby rooms also.  Optimistic yellow and orange, bright blue and green colors are gender neutral color design choices which are bold and cheerful, perfect for modern kids room design and decorating.

Colorful dining furniture in vintage style and modern wall art, bright accents for modern interior design and decorating
Colorful home furnishings, black and white bedroom decorating with red accents
Pink room colors for modern bedroom design and decorating

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