11 Ways to Increase Home Values and Create Modern Living Spaces

home renovation ideas ad home staging tips

Glass ceiling and wall design


Home renovation, interior redesign and home staging help add a beautiful, modern and inviting look to any property. Lushome shares home staging tips and home renovation ideas that will increase home values in 2015 and create modern living spaces that are easier and quicker to sell.

Smart home renovation projects and house repairs prepare homes for successful sale. Interior redesign and home staging add coziness and spacious feel to modern houses, enhancing attractive changes. From loft conversions to ensuite bathrooms and beautiful backyard designs, all redesign changes that create inviting and comfortable indoor and outdoor living spaces, increase home values and help make the most of your house or apartment.

The following pictures give great home renovation, interior redesign and home staging tips and inspirations that can transform any living spaces into bright and stylish, improve homes and apartments, and increase home values.

Ways to increase home values

Loft bedroom design, loft conversion projects

1. Maximize living spaces with loft extensions, creating bright home office designs, kids playroom, cozy guest bedroom or new master bedroom design.

2. Fresh painting ideas work wonders. Home staging with light paint colors and interior redesign creating comfortable furniture arrangement and welcoming decor help increase home values and sell a house fast for the best market price.

Modern bedroom design with stone fireplace and sun room
Modern bedroom design with ensuite bathroom

3. Modern fittings in apartments and homes make living spaces look contemporary and attractive. Interior redesign and home staging with modern furniture, kitchen appliances and lighting fixtures dramatically transform living spaces and increase home values.

Modern apartment ideas

4. Large windows provide great views and fill home interiors with natural light. Large windows and glass wall design are great ideas for home renovation.

Contemporary apartment ideas, large windows with panoramic city views
Contemporary room furniture for living room with large windows

5. Energy efficiency improves home interiors and increase home values. Floor, wall and roof insulation, properly fit exterior doors and double-glazed windows save energy, make houses more comfortable and increase home values.


6. Building and decorating with glass adds spectacular living spaces to any home. Glass walls and ceiling designs invite warm sun rays inside, enhance home interiors with gorgeous views and make homes look bright and inviting while increasing home values and improving their appeal. Spacious and bright sun rooms, connected to a patio are a great additions to modern houses and apartments.

Glass ceiling and wall design
Sun rooms and glass wall design ideas

7. House extensions can improve living spaces and give a modern look to old homes.

House extension with glass ceiling and wall design

8. The energy saving, efficient and eco friendly heating systems improve house designs and increase home values.

9. Space saving architectural designs, like sliding and latest bi-folding patio doors, are great ideas for home renovation, interior redesign and home staging project.

Bi-folding patio doors, wooden doors

10. Beautiful, functional and comfortable balcony designs, terraces decorating and yard landscaping ideas improve outdoor living spaces and increase home values. Classy patio designs and spectacular terraces, well-trimmed lawns and attractive outdoor rooms create modern and comfortable outdoor living spaces that add to home values and help sell homes fast for the best market price.

Backyard design with stone patio and seating area
Beautiful backyard design with dining furniture on stone patio

11. Fresh paint for front doors and windows, and attractive, simple and elegant front yard landscaping ideas improve curb appeal and increase home values.

Attractive front yard landscaping to improve curb appeal and increase home values
Front yard landscaping ideas

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