15 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas and Comfortable Home Staging Tips

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Interior decorating with bright colors


Modern interior decorating ideas help to create comfort in your home and to add a stylish touch to your living spaces. If you feel your rooms and your home office are lacking some comfort, interest or style, Lushome shares universally appealing, versatile and modern interior decorating ideas that turn rooms into lovely, pleasant and beautiful retreats with a character.

Interior decorating with color and texture, green house plants and bright color accents are great for any home staging. These interior decorating ideas give personality to any home or can create a universal appeal for quick sale. Unique wall art, stylish home decorations and handmade designs, combined with comfortable furniture help create truly amazing, interesting and modern home interiors.

Modern interior decorating ideas that can transform your rooms in no time include green house plants, comfortable beds, dining furniture and living room furniture, efficient lighting design and well organized storage spaces, like bookcases and shelves. Decorative pillows and windows curtains are wonderful decor accessories that increase comfort and improve look also.

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Modern wall decorating ideas personalizing home interiors

Interior decorating ideas for comfortable home staging

Using green house plants for modern interior decorating and home staging

1. Green house plants, nature photographs and nature inspired prints.

2. Good bed mattresses, comfortable and fresh cushions for living room furniture and dining chairs.

Solid bed and good mattress, bedroom design in neutral colors with functional lighting fixtures and window curtains

3. Modern storage spaces, bookcases and shelves and their good organization.

Modern storage spaces, good home organization and comfortable home staging

4. Decorative pillows and window curtains in matching your home decor colors.

Using attractive decor accessories, window curtains and decorative pillows that match existing interior decorating color schemes

5. Black and white contrasts, a few black furnishings and some white decorating.

Black and white color combinations, black accents and white decorating ideas

6. Efficient and energy saving lighting design, attractive lighting fixtures, candles and outdoor lights.

Attractive, efficient and modern lighting fixtures

7. Giving a personal touch to interior decorating, whether it is handmade designs, unique patterns or your favorite colors.

Handmade home decorations and wall art

8. Creating beautiful places for rest, seating areas, comfortable living room furniture, a hammock in a family room, a bench in your entry room, a window seat in your hallway or a daybed in children bedroom.

Adding a large window seat with book shelves and cushions to interior decorating

9. Stylish, creative or original interior decorating ideas that make a statement and create beautiful focal points and elegant centerpieces.

Creating beautiful focal points for interior decorating and home staging

10. Interesting, cheerful and optimistic artworks.

Interior decorating with interesting, unique and meaningful artworks

11. Eco friendly home decorations, recycled crafts, smart energy saving solutions.

Using natural materials, recycled crafts and handmade designs for interior decorating and home staging

12. Interior decorating with neutral colors, including classic black and white, stylish gray and timelessly elegant beige, and universally appealing room colors that can be used for neutral color backgrounds. Creamy color shades, pale pastels of blue, yellow and green colors are great for interior decorating and comfortable home staging.

Home staging and interior decorating with neutral colors, pale pastels and bright accents

13. Interior decorating and home staging with bright color accents.

Interior decorating with bright colors

14. Interior decorating and home staging with vintage furniture or decor accessories, home furnishings in retro styles and old time interior decorating ideas that are classy and comfortable.

Modern interior decorating and home staging with vintage furniture and decor accessories in retro styles

15. Interior decorating with your favorite room colors and surprising combinations of neutral colors.

Modern bedroom decorating with favorite room colors

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