Recycling Old Music Records for Exotic Wall Clocks and Decorative Vases

handmade wall clock vintage style

Plastic recycling offers numerous opportunities to create gorgeous home accessories, adding unique touch to modern interior design. Making home decorations of plastic bottles or plastic tableware are the most popular ways of household plastic recycling. Here is a wonderful way to reuse and recycle old music records for amazing wall clocks and decorative vases.

Bright, attractive and functional, handmade wall clocks and decorative vases are unique home accessories that care boring interior design. Recycling old music records for wall clocks and decorative vases saves you money on home decoration and help prepare exclusive gifts for your friends.

Recycling old music records for colorful wall clocks and decorative vases is a wonderful green idea for beautifying eco homes, showing your talents and eco friendly mind set. Decorative vases on your dining room or kitchen table look very attractive, adding an interesting design and a splash of colors to your interior design.

Recycling plastic for home decorations

handmade wall clock vintage style

Recycling plastic music records for handmade wall clock

Recycle old music records or any plastic pieces for gorgeous planters and storage containers, that can be successfully used for interior and outdoor home decoration. Colorful handmade wall clocks, decorative vases and planters look wonderful on porches and patios.

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Cups and teapots, spoons and forks, plates and pans are great for recycling and creating exclusive items for your interior and outdoor home decorating. Recycling plastic, including old music records, is a way to bring a green design into your home and create eco friendly products that are functional and unique.

handmade home accessories

Recycling plastic for handmade decorative vases

Here is a creative plastic recycling idea from Christine Claringbol and her vivid collection of original wall clocks and decorative vases made of old vinyl music records.

table centerpieces

Handmade decorative vase in green color

Plastic recycling ideas for home decoration

Plastic recycling, cheap home decorations made of plastic bottles

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