10 Ways to Add Stylish Textures Enhancing Modern Interior Design and Decor

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how to use textures in modern interior design and decorating

Modern interior design and decor ideas, especially in neutral colors and monochromatic schemes, can be enriched by adding various stylish textures. This is a very personal and creative process which beautifies modern interiors and adds interest, unique details and depth to interior design and decor.

Lushome shares a collection of modern ideas showing how to refresh and style modern interior design and decor with trendy textures and original solutions. Sometimes even a small detail or an easy DIY design can dramatically transform interiors and create beautiful, personal and spectacular office or home decor.

Large surfaces decorated with modern materials, accent walls and ceiling designs, are one of trends in decorating with textures. Salvaged wood, concrete, glass blocks, exposed antique bricks, stunning natural stones and metal panels are used to add character and unique look to modern interior design and decor.

Modern interior design ideas, textures and colors for men and women

Modern interior design trends

Modern trends in interior design materials

Modern texture for interior design and decor

Contemporary interior design in light neutral colors with beautiful textures, 3d effect and modern lighting

1. Large surfaces

Brutal textures of concrete, natural stone, antique bricks or salvaged wood look great in modern interiors created in light monochromatic colors, black and white or any neutral colors, creating spectacular accent walls and ceiling designs.

2. Contrasting textures

Soft luxurious decorative fabrics and metal shine, warm wood and concrete create striking contrasts adding interest and chic feel to creative, rich and modern interior design and decor.

Contrasting textures of exposed brick wall design and soft bedding fabrics, modern bedroom design and decor ideas

3. Textured home furnishings

Unique lighting fixtures or room furniture pieces that bring familiar textures into modern interiors are wonderful ideas to spice up room design and decor. Adding smart lighting ideas allow to create stunning shadows and enhance textures that beautify living spaces.

Textured wall design and picture frames for fireplace mantel decorating

4. Textured wall design ideas

Textured wall tiles and modern wallpaper designs decorate the empty surfaces creating beautiful 3d effects to enhance modern interior design. Geometric patterns or images of animals, fish, birds and insects are nature inspired trends in decorating walls.

Textured wall design, modern wall tiles for interior decorating

5. Artworks and crafts

Crafts and art works are excellent, creative and modern ideas for bringing more texture, color and original look to work and living spaces. Large, 3d images can enhance modern interior design and decor by creating pleasant optical illusions and brighten up spaces with surprising details.

Artworks emphasizing various textures in modern interior design

6. Natural wood for wall design

Natural wood is an amazing interior design material making the spaces feel warm, cozy and inviting. Versatile and timelessly stylish, natural wood wall design looks great in offices and modern home interiors and create truly beautiful interior design and decor while softening even contemporary rooms in minimalist style.

Wooden walls for modern bedroom design

7. Combinations of natural materials

All combinations of natural materials make modern interior design and decor look softer and more inviting. Nature inspired interior design and decorating ideas feel relaxing, peaceful and cozy.

Modern living room design and decorating with natural materials

8. Textiles and decorative fabrics

Textiles and decorative fabrics are another stylish, practical and beautiful way of adding textures to work and living spaces. Textiles and home fabrics can instantly freshen up interior design and decor evoking positive emotions and improving mood.

Modern textures of furniture upholstery fabrics, living room design and decorating

9. Small decorative accessories

Small decorative accessories are the fastest and cheap ideas for bringing more textures into offices and home interiors. Beautiful small decorative accessories made of wood, ceramic, glass, metal or fabrics enhance modern interior design and add character to decorating.

Small decorative accessories bringing various textures into modern interiors

10. Real and faux fur

Real and faux fur items bring luxury and cozy feel into modern interior design. Fur is a bright, unusual and stylish way to refresh interior decorating and add gorgeous texture and exclusive design to modern interiors.

Real and faux fur and imitating fur home fabrics for modern interior design and decorating

11. Decorating with house plants

Decorating with house plants is an eco friendly way to soften and beautify modern interior design and decor. House plants make fantastic decorative accessories that add wonderful natural texture, unique shapes and pleasant green colors to modern rooms. These cheap ideas are versatile, healthy and stylish, suitable for all ages, genders and functions. House plants are great used as table accents, wall decorations or items enhancing floor decor.

Eco friendly, inexpensive and modern interior decorating with house plants

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  last updated: 31.10.2016


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