Unique Small Office Designs Creating Contemporary Work Spaces

unusual small offices, cells and outdoor work spaces

Backyard ideas, small office designs for working outdoor


Small office designs create unique work spaces for people who appreciate some privacy and peaceful atmosphere. Modern work spaces are constantly changing, and contemporary design trends allow to connect work spaces with the nature while providing comfortable and unique cells for people.

Many people who work from home believe that they need personal space and pleasant environment to do the best work. Architects around the world develop unique small office designs that look like work cells, portable home offices and work spaces on wheels to provide the best work conditions for individuals.

Lushome collection presents most interesting and original small office designs that can be places anywhere, allow to travel or change locations, enjoy quiet and peaceful atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings. Compact and space saving small office designs look fascinating and very contemporary.

Small home office design with room divider recycling old bus cabin

Small office designs away from large offices

Unique small office design created with logs

Small office designs away from homes and large offices are ideal solutions for most artists, designers, writers, individual workers and entrepreneurs. All who appreciate an opportunity to move and connect to the nature like movable small office designs.

Backyard locations and large windows help harmonize office designs and bring outdoors inside, creating very pleasant, unique and contemporary work spaces that look like individual cells. Recreation and relaxation, combined with office work, nice locations and ability to travel make people like small office designs, especially portable or on wheels.

Composer cell, small office design

Here are original and contemporary small office designs that are very inspiring. They are great contemporary alternatives for working in traditional large offices.

Mobile home and small office design on wheels

Unusual suspended small office design

One-person work spaces feel wonderful, quiet and secluded. The modular office units, work cells or small home office designs with large windows look beautiful. They can be customized and improved, creating fun places to work in.

Backyard ideas, small office designs for working outdoor, Tetra Shed

Small office design with large windows bringing the nature inside
Playful and original small office design with rooftop observation deck, outdoor office designed by British design gurus Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway of Red or Dead fame in Middlesex, UK
Contemporary work cells, modular office design
Contemporary office design with individual glass work spaces, WorkPods Zurich company
Portable small office desk, outdoor work station
Threadless’s Airstream Trailer for work while traveling
Functional and comfortable AirBnB’s Cabins, new small office designs
Unusual work spaces, creative small office on wheels, studio of T-shirt company Threadless
Train office by designer Auro Foxcroft, original work spaces for creative people
Archipod, backyard or garden office design to work from home
Small house Blob VB3 designed by DmvA
Outdoor conference room in Miami
Work spaces recycling cargo shipping containers, small office designs by studio Clive Wilkinson Architects

Small office designs, individual work spaces, Huts designed by Van der Architects

  by Ena Russ   

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