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Transformer design influences modern apartment ideas, offering practical space-saving solutions for small rooms. AMOO Studio created flexible home interiors on 60 sq. meters of living space in Barcelona. The conceptual geometric furniture that is transforming is the main element of the project. The sofa turns into a bed at night and transforms into a desk while a bed becomes a wardrobe. Studio founders Aureli Mora and Omar Ornak explain how these modern interiors work as a single living area.

Free from the strict constraints of fixed functional areas, the modern interior design turns one zone into another, offering inspiring space-saving ideas and smart innovations. The Providencia House project aims to change the traditional way people look at typical household needs and add a fresh, contemporary vibe of flexible interior design to apartment ideas.

Space-saving ideas, transformer kitchen designs

Transformer furniture design, contemporary space-saving ideas

Modern furniture, transformer designs

Small apartment ideas edited by transformer furniture design

Modern sofas, transformer furniture design ideas

Transformer apartment ideas

Pastel colors and flexible apartment ideas

Partition walls in the apartment create a furniture maze. Functional areas intersect and merge, forming a dynamic, contemporary space that quickly adapts to the dweller’s current needs. The labyrinth of shelves, cabinets, and tables blends pastel green and soft salmon-pink colors. The bedroom design mixes white decorating ideas with warm textures of natural wood, and the bathroom features timelessly elegant, chic, and beautiful marble.

Marble accent pillar, modern interior design
Transformer furniture, bed, desk
Home office and kitchen design
Modern apartment ideas, kitchen cabinets in soft-pink and green pastel color
Small kitchen design, marble
Transformer sofa-bed
Marble bathroom design with a glass shower, chic small rooms
Bedroom design
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