Silicone Bathroom Accessories Blending Functionality and Modern Design

colorful bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber

Colorful bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber

Colorful bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber blend new and traditional materials with functionality and modern design. Silicone racks, toilet brushes, storage vessels, towel holders and waste bins in bold hues are bright and stylish. Silicone is an excellent material for making convenient to use, durable and modern bathroom accessories. Lushome presents WC Line and Hanging Line collections featuring molded of hygienic silicone rubber items for colorful bathroom decorating.

Small bathroom accessories from the WC Line collection include a plunger with a storage dish, a toilet brush with a storage vessel and a waste bin. The accessories have wooden handles. These new products are a creative blend of usability, novelty, and modern design. The bright bathroom accessories are innovative, space saving and versatile, suitable for decorating spacious interiors and small rooms.

Each bathroom accessory features an attractive and interesting design based on a familiar shape and enhanced with a creative twist. Bright color makes the accessories look different and modern. The wooden handles are sourced locally and add an eco-friendly touch to colorful and functional accents. Silicone bathroom accessories are designed to prevent the damage which limits the life of similar products made from traditional materials. All items in these collections are washable and made to last for years.

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Colorful bathroom accessories

Modern bathroom accessories made of hygienic silicone rubber in red, white and black colors

Silicone bathroom accessories from the Hanging Line collection include a wall mountable magazine or towel holder and a wall mountable toilet paper roll holder. The magazine or towel holder features a hook which is convenient for hanging a hand towel, bath accessories or reading glasses.

The toilet paper holder uses a magnetic catch to change rolls quickly without removing the parts. The design is innovative, elegantly simple and very handy. Attractive and stylish silicone bathroom accessories are created by American designer Josh Owen,, for Kontextur.

Silicone line with a hook for changing toilet paper rolls
Colorful bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber

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  last updated: 10.05.2016