Plaster and Wood Design Ideas Bring Natural Imperfections into Modern Interior Design

wood stool woth white seat
Wood stool with white plaster seat, modern furniture deaign



Stool, floor lamp and wall clock set is made of wood damaged by insects. Branches that have been damaged from caterpillars give the designs unique character and unusual, natural and interesting look. Israel based designer Yaron Hirsch has captured the beautiful web of holes and tunnels created by insects and blended it with simple and elegant form.

The wood deterioration to the eucalyptus tree is translated to functional and very decorative details that create these unique stool, floor lamp and wall clock set. Interesting and attractive, these items with natural imperfections are perfect for modern interior design in eco style.

Incorporating filler material into the holes and channels creates  the foundation for designing these home decor items. The channels are used for transferring the electricity from the battery to the switch, while the plaster cast into the tunnels of the stool and the lamp joins keep the components together.

Unique furniture, floor lamp and wall clock design

Wood stool, floor lamp and wall clock collection, unique furniture design idea
Plaster and wood stool design, beetle damaged branches and white plaster fill

Plaster and wood combination and simple form create an unusual, balanced and impressive look. The project is names Animal p Vegetable – Mineral, symbolizing the harmony of three components. These unique designs turn the tunnels created by the caterpillar in tree branches to the level of art.

Natural wood with unique texture, created with the traces of beetles add rustic charm to these unique designs. The seat of a stool is made of white plaster, adding light feel and minimalist touch to this original designs.

Wood stool with white plaster seat, modern furniture design

The name of the collection refers to the beetle, the tree and the plaster that the designer has poured into the tunnels. The result is these truly unique, impressive and innovative furniture, floor lamp and wall clock collection in minimalist style showcasing very original and unusual details.

Wall clock made of wood with imperfections and beetle traces

  by Ena Russ   

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