Personalize Wall Decor with Wonderful Pictures Descended from Fingertips

making fingertip pictures with charcoal

Making fingertip prints pictures with charcoal dust


The unusual landscape and abstract paintings by artist Judith Brown look beautiful and inspiring. The artist creates them using only fingers and charcoal dust. You can experiment and use this technique with chalk, to personalize your empty wall decor with simple pictures descended from your fingertips.

New York based artist Judith Braun creates amazing graphics panels with her fingers alone, without using any tools. Unique pictures of Judith Brown have a particular inner rhythm, which is given by the symmetric artworks.

Drawings with charcoal dust is called fingering. You can creatively use the technique for your home decorating, playing with kids and experimenting with simple patterns on the walls and creating unique wall decoration. Perfect for kids rooms, teenage bedrooms or craft rooms, this technique allows to quickly change the way an empty wall looks and personalize your wall decor.

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Wall panels decorated with fingertip prints, unique wall decoration ideas and art projects from Judith Braun
Making fingertip prints pictures with charcoal dust

Judith Braun creates gorgeous pictures that impress with the complexity of patterns on a large scale. Simplified patterns can add fun to your home decorating and encourage kids and teens to decorate their rooms with pictures created with their fingertips.

Kids hand prints look charming, offering great wall decor ideas that feel intimate and nostalgic. Creating a simple pattern with hand prints or fingertip prints adds a contemporary twist and artistic touch to empty wall decoration.

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