New Design Ideas Showing the Latest Trends in Furniture, Decor and Lighting

wood furniture contemporary design

Contemporary furniture design idea, Hanging chair Schweben Seat by Omar Idriss


The A’Design Award Competition presents its 2019 winners. Designers shared their creative works with the world while obtaining feedback from a grand jury panel composed of designers and industry experts. Here are Lushome favorite design ideas showing current trends in contemporary interior decorating, lighting design, and furniture.

Elegant simplicity, practical functionality, soft angles of beautifully bent surfaces, the beauty of natural materials, and innovative concepts offer fantastic inspirations for all who appreciate fresh, contemporary ideas and developments. These designs are perfect illustrations of the latest trends in art and decorating showing how they influence interior design.

Vessel aromatherapy diffuser, design by Bryan Leung and Rock Leung

Trendy design ideas

Multifunctional interior design and room decorating

Stripes, design trends in modern furniture and decor

Furniture design trends and fresh home decorating ideas

Contemporary lighting

Wall lights, Olah design by Maurice Dery and Jordan-Dery

Contemporary furniture

FlexSit Stool, furniture design by Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo
Qiyi Leisure Chair, modern furniture design by Wei Jingye, Zhu Zhenbang, Wang Da
Shell sofa by Natalia Komarova
Wooden table, Integrated Desk by Bonghyun Lee
Grid Table, designer furniture by Mian Wei
Contemporary furniture design idea, Hanging chair Schweben Seat by Omar Idriss
Modern bar stool, furniture design by Dmitry Kazachyshyn

Decor accessories

Opposites In Unity Candleholders and Vases, contemporary decor accessories by Firo Wang
PetMoblant Planter, contemporary design by Toofic Matta
Hanging containers Goccia, design by Giuliano Ricciardi

  by Ena Russ   

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