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green leaf pattern
Green wallpaper with leaf patterns


Modern wall coverings dramatically change the interior design. Stylish wallpaper patterns and color combinations are a fabulous way to revamp home interiors and offices. Stylish murals, contemporary digital wallpaper designs, florals, and bright geometric patterns refresh living spaces and make stylish statements. Check out the Lushome collection of modern wallpaper designs and wall decorating ideas, get inspired to transform your rooms, and begin a new year on a happy note.

Creating modern wall decorating is perfect for celebrating the festive season, getting ready for a new year, and beating a winter gloom. Modern wallpaper designs are an easy way to bring the latest trends into your home interiors, personalize, and beautify your rooms. Here are current wallpaper trends you can follow to select the best designs for your living spaces or your office.

Stylish ideas to enhance interior decorating with murals, modern wallpaper, digital art

Beautiful wallpaper patterns in eco style

Modern wall decoration ideas, wallpaper design, room colors

Modern wallpaper designs

Bedroom decorating with modern wallpaper, green leaf patterns

1. Vibrant color combinations

2. Nature-inspired wallpaper patterns, floral designs, animal prints

3. Murals and digital images

4. Black-n-white wallpaper designs

5. Decals and wall stickers

5. Themed wallpapers

6. Gradient wallpaper designs

7. Geometric patterns

8. Terrazzo style

9. Beige

10. 3d wallpaper designs, visual illusions

Nature-inspired bedroom wallpaper designs

Modern wallpaper patterns add chic to statement walls

Accents and wallpaper patterns, decor color matching tips

Themed decor works with space-specific wallpaper designs to emphasize the room character and amplify the attractiveness of the functional and comfortable room. Painting ideas that support themed decor are also helpful to enhance the favorite theme. Interior decorating with decals and wall stickers is a quick and easy DIY idea. You can opt for different designs and change them anytime you want.

Black and white wallpaper design, black-n-white bedroom decorating ideas

Green colors and green leaf patterns are modern wall-decorating trends that bring nature’s most delicate designs indoors. If you love greens, add green wallpaper patterns to houseplants to refresh your interior decorating and give a stylish touch to your rooms. Contemporary wallpaper designs based on digital prints of nature are a fabulous way to provide a natural vibe to your interior design and room decorating.

Gradient wallpaper design, colorful wall decoration

Interior design with beautiful wallpapers

Your empty walls deserve the best decorating ideas, so check out inspiring wall designs in the collection and pick one of the modern wallpaper trends to make your place personal, stylish, and beautiful.

Colorful baby room design, blue-green wallpaper with geometric patterns
Creative murals, modern wall decorating ideas
Digital prints and modern wallpaper design, gradient wallpaper for bedrooms
Vibrant flower designs on pink wallpaper
Green wallpaper with leaf patterns

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