Modern Living Room Design, 22 Ideas for Creating Comfortable Living Rooms

living room designs and furniture placement ideas

Modern living room with two sofas and classic fireplace decorating


A living room is a soul of a modern home which needs to be inviting and comfortable. Modern room colors and design ideas, space saving solutions and stylish living room furniture, a placement layout that create comfort, and unique accents make living rooms beautiful and functional, perfect for modern houses. Lushome provides inspiring ideas and visual tips for living room designs for turning the ordinary home interiors into tranquil, relaxing, and family-friendly living spaces.

Modern living room designs traditionally feature a seating area with a large TV panel. An excellent location for the TV is far away from all windows for creating visual comfort for human eyes. Proper furniture placement, efficient lighting, and cozy living room decor bring balance and harmony into modern interior design and create an inviting and pleasant environment.

Lighting ideas is another essential element of modern living room designs. Lighting fixtures which are functional, efficient and attractive are ideal for practical and comfortable interior decorating. It is better if your lighting design allows changing the atmosphere in the room, creating a bright, holiday-like or relaxing and peaceful environment for ultimate relaxation.

20 modern living rooms with a fireplace and family friendly decor

How to Feng Shui home, living room design and decorating

Comfortable living room designs

Modern living room with stone fireplace and upholstered furniture in light neutral color

1. Room colors

Elegant living room furniture in light colors or neutral color tones, soft green and brown colors are ideal for timelessly stylish interior decorating with attractive home furnishing. Simple lines and gentle curves are good Feng Shui ideas for creating pleasant, bright and comfortable living room designs.

Living room designs with low ceilings call for decorative vertical lines, pale pastels or light neutral colors. Decluttering, organization, medium size and space-saving furniture, and placement that is comfortable and functional help stretch small rooms. Home furnishings in light colors and white decorating ideas make small living rooms with low ceiling feel more spacious, bright, and balanced.

Blue colors, modern living room design and decorating ideas

Too many bright, polished, metal, and mirrored surfaces can make small living rooms lose their appeal. Used in moderation wall mirrors and metal accents visually increase living room designs and give them beautiful personality.

Colorful living room, creative fusion of styles and textures

2. Clutter-free interior decorating

Clutter-free living room decorating, practical materials that are easy to clean, efficient lighting design, and functional living room furniture placement create attractive and comfortable home interiors. Two-three color design, light neutral color palette, a few decor accessories in vibrant shades, and creative fusion of styles add charm and elegance to modern living room designs and bring lots of interest into interior decorating.

3. Functional furniture placement ideas

Functional and comfortable living room decorating with bright accents and contrasting stripes
Classic living room design with carved wood furniture and crystal chandelier
Modern living room with two sofas and classic fireplace decorating
Living room decorating around fireplace

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