Modern Interior Design Ideas and Bright Room Decorating Adding Sophisticated Feel to Old Home Redesign

modern interior design with gray color tones and blue color accents
Large chandelier and dining furniture in gray color

Modern interior design and bright room decorating ideas that blend black and white with blue accents look fresh and pleasant, adding a sophisticated feel to this old home redesign. Choosing a minimalist style and black and white decorating colors, mixing them with warm brown colors of natural wood and elegant grant color tones, create beautiful, bright and comfortable rooms accentuated with details in blue color.

Lushome presents the country home located in Suffolk County, New York. The cottage looks charming, beautiful and inviting. Its gable roof and comfortable porch are fundamental and fascinating, beautifully blending the traditional architectural elements and small garden. Bright redesign ideas, light room colors, contrasts of black and white decorating and modern interior design create the fabulous home for ultimate relaxation or entertaining with friends and families.

Black and white interior colors add sophistication and elegance to the old home redesign and decorating. The warmth of rustic wood of the house exterior and planked ceiling designs brighten up with white paint create a sense of coziness and spaciousness together. Room furniture and decor accessories in gray color tones, beautiful openings complemented by glossy surfaces and blue color accents look spectacular.

Summer home decorating ideas inspired by rustic simplicity of Canadian cottages

Comfortable cottage decor ideas in neutral colors

Modern interior design and decorating ideas

Modern living room design and decorating in black-white and gray color tones

White and black with gray color tones are ideal for creating an impressive look. Decoration with blue color tones is perfect for adding a peaceful and cooling atmosphere to modern interior design. Fluffy floor carpets and linen upholstery fabrics make the interior design feel comfortable and inviting. Striped rugs, oak wood wall paneling in the bedroom and bathroom interiors balance rooms and create warm spaces.

The country home decorating ideas blend luxurious elements with traditional decor accessories to improve the functionality and welcoming look of the modern interior design. The contemporary interior decorating accents and minimalist style skillfully blend into a unique combination of chic and modesty, comfort and tranquility.

Modern cottage decor ideas in black and white

Remarkably elegant and modern interior design ideas, black and white decorating and comfortable room furniture create attractive home interiors that have a strong personality and look very bright.

33 forest cottages and country homes surrounded by beautiful trees and seducing tranquility

Cottage decor ideas in neutral colors enhancing rustic beauty of natural materials

The glass jars on a shelf in the hallway emphasize the purity and simplicity of forms, adding a soft shine to white decorating ideas. The candlesticks in the dining room bring coziness and accentuate modern interior design with accents in vintage style. The clean lines of interior design, room furniture and kitchen design with a touch of industrial style are softened by a fireplace, lamps, warm decor accessories and original accents.

Open concept country home decorating in minimalist style
Dining room decorating in gray and white with blue color accent
Large chandelier and dining furniture in gray color
Black and white decorating ideas
Wooden wall paneling for modern bedroom design
Black and white bedroom design with wooden walls
Small bathroom design with glass shower doors
Entryway design and hallway decorating with wooden storage furniture
Wooden shelving unit for entryway design
Cottage with porch and small backyard garden design
Country home with wooden walkway in small garden

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