Modern Geometric Wind Chimes to Feng Shui Homes

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Geometric shapes for making wind chimes


Modern interior design and decor will look more interesting and unique with unusual and creative home decorations. Geometric wind chimes that help Feng Shui homes can add a stylish touch to modern interior design and outdoor living spaces. Lushome presents a creative design idea and an inspiration for recycled crafts, – the wind chimes made with simple geometric shapes.

These wind chimes are great for home decorating. They will Feng Shui homes, interior design and yard landscaping. They look stylish and interesting, reflecting the latest trends in decorating with simple geometric shapes. Their versatile look and pleasant sound make these home decorations and Feng Shui cures excellent gifts.

These small and cheap decorations can bring big changes into modern interior design or outdoor home decorating, and Feng Shui homes to attract good luck, positive energy, wealth and prosperity. They look attractive and creative, and can be used as beautiful home decorations for any room or outdoor living spaces.

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Geometric wind chimes

Geometric shapes for making wind chimes

Wind chimes are traditional outdoor home decor items that can be used as stylish accents for modern interior design. Geometric shapes and familiar design of wind chimes from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, give these stylish pendants a fresh contemporary vibe.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio produces modern furniture, unique lighting and all kinds of interior decorations. Geometric wind chimes are a new design for modern interior design and outdoor home decorating.  The wind chimes are made of a variety of geometric shapes creating interesting, balanced and harmonious compositions.

Creative decorative accessories for modern interior design and outdoor rooms

These original and stylish wind chimes are Feng Shui cures that can be attractively combined with modern furniture and decor accessories, adding a unique feel and playful feel to minimalist rooms and outdoor living spaces.

Feng Shui tips and Feng Shui cures

How to Feng Shui homes, entryway and front door decoration

All pendants emit gentle chime and feature graciously simple design. Created with metal, plastic and colored glass elements, the wind chimes can inspire recycled crafts and creative recycling ideas for modern interior design and outdoor home decorating. It is easy to make these decorations, offering great crafts for kids and adults.

Feng Shui cures, stylish wind chimes to Feng Shui homes

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