Modern Furniture Design by ClaireAnne OBrien, Designer Chairs and Stools with Knitted Cushions

modern chairs and stools with knitted cushions


Knitting and crochet are great crafts to make modern chairs and stools look personal, inviting and unique. Knitting and crochet crafts add stylish accents to modern interior design. From wall decorations to floor rugs and furniture upholstery, crochet decorations and knitted fabrics dramatically change the way room decor looks and feels, bringing an exciting modern interior design trend into home decorating that blends old traditions and contemporary ideas.

Fabulous decorative pillows, knitted fabrics and stool cushions from textile designer Claire-Anne O’Brien, turn simple furniture items into impressive contemporary artworks, bringing stylish colors, expressive knitting patterns and unique textures of soft wool into modern interior design.

Her striking and elegant stools with knitted cushions are made using details and construction techniques traditionally associated with knitwear garments such as ribs, cuffs, button holes, cut and sew to create jumpers for modern chairs and stools.

Knitted upholstery fabrics and cushions for modern chairs and stools

Knitted fabrics for modern furniture design, contemporary chair

Natural wool and wood, combined with rich knitting patterns create amazing modern furniture designs, inspired by elements of the knitted stitch itself such as rings and loops. The structures are revealed and celebrated through exaggerated scale in bold and textured forms, creating one-of-a-kind modern chairs and stools for interior decorating.

Lambswool and sheep’s wool, in a mix of hand and machine knit stitches, are constructed into modern furniture pieces that make a playful and cheerful statement, adding unique character to interior decorating.

Designer chair in white, modern furniture design with knitted fabric

Knitting and crochet home decor, handicrafts Trend in modern interior design

Furniture upholstery and decorative pillows from Melanie Porter, stunning modern furniture collection

Contemporary stools with knitted cushions and decorative pillows, modern furniture design trend

About the textile designer

Claire-Anne is a textile designer specialising in knitting. Originally from Ireland she has graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with a Masters in Textiles. Her work plays with technique and scale creating playful and tactile fabrics for interiors and furniture decoration. This sculptural approach to textiles brings knitted fabrics to life in three dimensions through form exploration and modern furniture design.

Knitted fabrics for modern stools, unique furniture design ideas

Family Chairs in knitted clothes, modern furniture design presentation

Cabaret furniture set from Kenneth Cobonpue, unique furniture design idea

Modern chairs and stools with knitted cushions

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