Modern Bedroom Designs and Bathroom Decorating Ideas in Arabic Style

modern bedroom designs and decorating ideas in arabic style


Arabic style is colorful and luxurious. Interior design and decorating in Arabic style offers a dramatic alternative to neutral colors and white decorating. Modern interiors in Arabic style blend chic and comfort of Middle East palaces and reflect unique rich traditions of Arabian Peninsula and countries in North Africa. Moroccan interior designs, homes in Spanish style, interior decorating ideas from Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, and Syria give great inspirations for creating strikingly beautiful bedroom designs and adding chic of the Arabic style to bathroom decorating.

Interior design is a mix of creative interpretations of old traditions, religious observance, and unique lifestyle. Modern interior decorating ideas in Arabic style reflect ancient traditions of the ancestors and create beautiful living spaces with ethnic and contemporary home furnishings, unique handmade decor items and local artworks. Lushome collection shares inspirations for interior design and decorating in Arabic style.

The interiors show originality and respect of Muslim traditions and holy book. The Koran was forbidden to translate into other languages and taught only in Arabic, which created distinct styles in home decorating. The Koran forbids using images of people and animals, and fascinating Arabic architecture, interior design, home decorating and art impress with rich Arab ornaments and spectacular color combinations. Arabesques bring geometric designs, decorated with floral motifs. These decoration patterns make distinct, original, and exotic accents in modern interior design.

Moroccan style home decorating, colorful and sensual Moroccan interiors

Moroccan style home accents and materials for Moroccan interior design

Interior design and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Modern bathroom design in Arabic style, white and blue colors

Decoration patterns

Arabesque mosaic tiles, paintings and carved designs on walls, vaulted ceilings, gorgeous lanterns, handmade furniture, oriental rugs, and luxurious natural fabrics are perfect for creating spectacular interiors. These decorative elements add charm and chic to modern bedroom designs and beautifully style bathroom decorating.

Interior design and decorating ideas in Arabic style create fabulous rooms which look luxurious, comfortable, inviting, and mysterious. Inspired by Middle-Eastern palaces, African and Moroccan designs, modern bedrooms look stunning, like rooms created for powerful and wealthy Middle-Eastern rulers.

Beautiful bedroom design and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Modern bedrooms and bathrooms in Arabic style delight with elegant chic, incredible luxury, and splendid beauty. Surrounded by shady gardens with fountains and exotic birds, the Arabic palaces combined greenery and water, stone and dark wood into gorgeous places. All these materials and designs offer stylish inspirations for creating beautiful rooms in Western countries today.

Oriental interior decorating in Azerbaijan influenced by European and Arab cultures

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Interior colors

Vibrant and bright bedroom colors or contrasting white, black and dark brown color shades blend with fabulous reds, blue and green colors, creating beautiful color schemes with accents in silver and golden colors. Blue or purple paint, tile designs, and bright fabrics are great ideas for modern bedroom and bathroom decorating in Arabic style.

Unique lanterns, handmade home decorations and carved wood furniture in Arabic style

Wood and tiles

Wooden panels or stucco create picturesque wall and ceiling designs in Arab interiors. Decorative wall panels and tile designs add distinct geometric patterns, stylish accents in Western interiors. Various geometric shapes: diamonds, rectangles, stars, circles look gorgeous on walls and ceilings, offering impressive decorations for modern bedroom and bathroom interiors.

Interior design and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Carved wood wall panels, art, beautiful fabrics, textiles made of natural fibers adorn bedroom walls. Oriental rugs are traditional ideas for floor decoration in Middle Eastern, African and Moroccan style. Also, there are a fascinating wall and floor decor with mosaic tiles. The combination of tile designs, handmade oriental rugs, and luxurious home fabrics makes African and Moroccan interiors so charming, unique, bold, and beautiful.

Modern bedroom designs and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Vibrant room colors, natural fabrics and beautiful decoration patterns, modern bedroom design and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Modern bathroom designs and decorating ideas in Arabic style

Surrounded by garden, beautiful modern bathroom design in Arabic style
Wall tiles and unique decoration patterns for bathroom decorating in Arabic style

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