Latest Trends in Decorating with Bathroom Mirrors

contemporary wall mirror for modern bathroom decorating


Latest trends bring unusual and flexible bathroom design ideas using mirrors as a functional and decorative element for stretching the interiors visually, brightening them up, reflecting objects of interest and adding more comfort to room decorating. Lushome shares a gallery of beautiful bathroom designs that show modern ideas for decorating with mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors are the essential element of any bathroom design that can balance the proportions, stretch small spaces, alter the look of the rooms, and add more style to the interiors. Wall mirrors and lights work together creating beautiful and bright home interiors. Modern bathroom mirrors provide general lighting, comfort, balancing the bathroom size, increasing the appeal of a bathroom, and creating more luxury. The latest trends in bathroom mirrors turn them into striking focal points for spectacular, bold and beautiful bathroom decorating.

Modern wall mirrors are large and come in different shapes. They can be combined with mirrored cabinets or create the entire mirrored wall. Architects and designers hang them on metal wire, natural ropes or farm door frames. They put them all around the bathroom perimeter or envision gorgeous interiors with floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors. Check out the gallery of beautiful bathrooms showing how to add contemporary flair to a modern interior design.

Spacious small bathroom decorating with wall mirrors

Modern wall mirrors, new design ideas for unique room decorating

Wall mirrors for modern bathrooms

Bathroom vanity and wall mirror from Devon&Devon

Bathroom mirrors are available in many different shapes, styles, sizes, finishes and prices, – framed, without a frame, with LED lights, hanging or with a wall cabinet. Modern wall mirrors can rotate and slide opening a window or a shelving unit. A contemporary bathroom mirror can have an illuminated frame or bold strips of LED lights. A huge, freestanding wall mirror and creative decorative accessories with incandescent lights behind glass provide the most flattering and bright decorations for modern bathrooms.

Modern bathroom design uses mirrors to reflect light, both natural from skylights and windows, and artificial. Also, bathroom windows reflect pleasant views bringing the outdoors in and connecting modern bathroom interiors with nature. Contemporary bathroom design adds drama to bathroom decorating using mirrors on inclined walls and storage cabinets. Mirrored surfaces reflect fabulous floor decoration and beautify modern bathrooms.

Mirrors cabinet, wall shelf, and mirror, modern bathroom in oceanfront home Daniels Lane, design by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Sidelights are gone. Unframed, oversized, contemporary wall mirrors are excellent for bathrooms in all sizes. The latest trends in decorating with mirrors call for spectacular, boundless surfaces or unique, functional, hanging, sliding or rotating, oversized mirrors. Built-into tiled walls, floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls, sliding and hanging from the ceiling mirrors give a uniform look and universal appeal to modern homes, and define bathroom design trends in mirrors.

1. Oversized wall mirrored panels

Mirrored wall cabinets, floor-to-ceiling mirror wall design, small apartment ideas by Lava architectural firm, Australia

2. Hanging on extendable lamps mirrors

Round mirror hanging from wall lamp, modern house design by CreateThink Design Studio

3. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall

Floor-to-ceiling mirror wall, modern bathroom design by Steve Domoney Architecture, Australia

4. Frameless mirror

Wall mirrors and bathroom cabinets with lights, apartment ideas by Y.Zahorodnii, Minsk

5. Rotating mirrors in front of windows

Rotating wooden frame with mirror, bathroom design by Bromley Caldari Architects

6. Hanging from the ceiling mirrors

Hanging on metal wire wall mirror, Vernacular penthouse in Valencia, Spain, modern bathroom design

7. Classic wall mirrors built into tiled walls

Traditional bathroom design with tiles

8. Room dividers

Hanging on chains bathroom mirrors in wooden frames

9. Perimeter mirror panels

Under-ceiling wall decoration with mirror panels

10. Illuminated frames

Bathroom lighting integrated into mirror frames

11. Wall and mirror frame painted one color for uniform looks

Large wall mirrors in a bathroom with garden views

12. Window covering

Window system with sliding mirror

13. Sliding models

Stone wall with wooden double sink vanity and framed mirror sliding on rollers

14. Frame designs in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles

Unique bathroom design

15. Freestanding oversized mirror

Marble wall design, French windows, pedestal sink, silver framed mirror

16. Mirrored wall design with integrated cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling mirrored bathroom wall

17. Small and large mirrors with lighting behind

Small bathroom design with compact vanity and round sink

18. Hanging room dividers for two-sink bathrooms

Pebble wall design and two rectangular sinks

19. Custom design for inclined walls

Modern bathroom with inclined walls and under-sink storage, design by Pitagoras Group, Portugal

20. Asymmetrical mirror frames

Round wall mirror, wooden frame, compact cubical vanity with round sink, Ain Hod House in Tel Aviv, small bathroom design by ENstudio

  by Ena Russ   

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