Get More Space by Displaying Your Extra Stuff, 15 Space Saving Room Decorating Ideas

kids room decorating with toys

Baby room decorating with soft kids toys, space saving room decorating ideas

We all know the inherent problem with storage space: no matter how much we have it seems like we always need more! It seems like there can never be enough space, and sometimes a bit of creativity is all you need to make things more manageable. Take a look at the ideas below to get some inspiration for opening up more space.

1. The toy shuffle

If you have kids then you know how toys are a huge space eater. You can put them away or get a toy box but there never seems to be enough space for them all. One way to get around this storage issue is to pick out some of the best looking toys and store them in shelves on the wall. You can make or buy a series of square shelves and proudly display a toy in each one. If you friends ask about it when they come over you can tell them it’s modern art. If soup cans worked for Warhol then toys can work for you.

Baby room decorating with soft kids toys

2. The perpetual holiday

If you go through your storage right now a good portion of it is probably devoted to storing seasonal or holiday decorations. Typical wisdom tells you that these decorations only come out for a specific time of year and the rest of the time they’re relegated to the dark corners of random closets and nooks. You can change that by keeping out some of your holiday decorations and repurposing them. This probably won’t work with your artificial Christmas tree, but many other holiday decorations can be year-round affairs. Be creative and you’ll be surprised at what works.

3. The collection

If you’re a collector then it’s likely a big portion of your storage space. If you collect baseball cards then storage is not a huge issue, but when you get into things that are bigger the issue can get out of control quickly. This is the perfect time to turn your collection into a display.

Doll collection on shelves, home organization and room decorating ideas

You probably work hard on acquiring things for your collection, so be proud and show off all that hard work by giving the collection the attention it deserves. You don’t necessarily need to put the collection on display front-and-center in your living room. Guest rooms or offices are usually the best place to put your collection on display.

Thinking creatively about space will help you solve your storage woes in no time.

/A guest post by Lisa Kane/

Space saving room decorating ideas, creative skating board shelf
  •  Lisa Kane is a guest post author and a frequent user of storage units. She used to house her massive doll  collection in storage units in Tallahassee until she moved and had to make the transition to storage units in Virginia Beach.

Space saving room decorating ideas, displaying collections or kids toys

Decorating empty walls with clutter

Kids room decorating, clutter for creative walls design

Wall shelves with vases, photographs and book collections, space saving ideas for office decorating

  by Ena Russ   

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