Customizing Fireplace Design and Creating Cozy Seating Areas

seating areas with fireplaces, functional and modern interior decorating ideas
Cozy seating area woth stone fireplace, simple and elegant fireplace decorating

Customizing your fireplace design increases its efficiency, helps save money on heating cost and create a cozy seating area which is not too warm but comfortable. A fireplace is a spectacular focal point for room decorating. Personalizing your decor and improving fireplace design make your room look unique, intimate, warm, and beautiful. Lushome brings a collection of beautiful fireplace designs showing ideas and inspirations for customizing. Transforming your home decorating with original details and a customized, efficient, and attractive appliance personalizes decor and turns your seating area into an inviting and cozy place to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing glow of the hearth.

A traditional fireplace design is usually simple and includes a generic box that holds fire. Decorative fireplace accessories and unique accents, tiled wall design or sculptured details can add character to your fireplace design and personalize your seating area. However, a functional and beautiful hearth is an essential element of your fireplace design. Decorated with a glass or metal screen, it creates a character and adds unique personality to your seating area with comfortable chairs, a handy side table, and soft cushions.

Traditional and contemporary fireplace designs and mantel decorating ideas vary widely. There are different shapes, fireplace accessories, and home decorations for every fireplace depending on fuel it burns. Heat and fire protection elements decorate fireplaces and improve the functionality of the interior design. Attractive, handmade, and crafty screens attractively incorporate the fireplace accessories into room design while giving an authentic look and a comfortable feel to the living spaces.

Gorgeous fireplace designs, modern interior decorating around fireplaces

Improving fireplace design and creating cozy seating areas around efficient fireplaces

Fireplace design and decorating ideas

Cozy seating area and elegant stone fireplace decorating

Hearths and surrounds, the functional and decorative parts of fireplace design, can incorporate many different, traditional, and new materials. Brick or brick veneers, wood, stone, stone veneers, artificial stone materials, ceramic tiles, slate, marble, granite or soapstone, concrete, metal, bronze, and stainless steel are fireplace materials that are perfect for unique, functional, and attractive designs.

Fireplace mantels and trims produce the greatest impact on the aesthetic look and feel of room decorating. Original fireplace mantels transform conventional fireplace designs and turn them into gorgeous home decorations and stunning focal points for interior decorating.

Corner fireplace design with staircase seating area

Beautiful fireplace mantels give a final touch to functional designs creating a complete and attractive look, adding a sleek contemporary style or traditional charm to room decorating. Modern fireplace mantels, made with various beautiful materials, like marble, wood, limestone, cultured stone, plaster, concrete, metals, can look impressive and spectacular. The beauty of materials and originality of the design customize the appliances and add visual interest to room decorating. A seating area with an unusual, beautiful, and functional fireplace does not just look gorgeous but feels inviting, cozy, and expensive.

Cozy seating area with simple fireplace design and built-in walls benches with soft cushions

Classic fireplace design ideas blend functionality with ornamental elements and luxurious natural materials. Contemporary fireplace design uses straight lines and creates elegant simplicity while warming up seating areas, bringing harmony into interior design, and accentuating beautiful room decorating. Fireplaces in Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles look original bringing a unique blend of unusual, ornate design, and fascinating details into modern interiors.

Spectacular fireplace design and seating area in classic style

A modern seating area with a functional fireplace is about warmth, comfort, and a relaxing atmosphere. An efficient appliance is essential for creating warm, inviting, and relaxing environment, but comfortable furniture, soft textiles, attractive and modern decoration patterns and original accents enhance the interior design and create an ambiance of a welcoming and warm home.

Wooden fireplace mantel, cozy seating area decorating with soft cushions and fur accessories
Stone fireplace hearth and wooden shelf with decorations
Classic fireplace design and furniture for seating area decorating
Contemporary fireplace design and seating area with coffee table and modern pendant lights

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