Contemporary Chairs Adding Stylish Crumpled 3d Look to Furniture Design

contemporary chairs with crumpled surfaces

Colorful contemporary chairs with 3d surfaces


These contemporary chairs are created with new technology that allows to blend creative design ideas and new  techniques with functionality and simplicity. Dent chairs are made with natural materials and show familiar shapes, but look amazing with crumpled 3d seat and back surfaces.

Dent chairs are created by Bla Station, which offers innovative furniture design for satisfying contemporary customers demands and desires. Ordinary veneer is transformed into amazing, surprising and stylish crumpled 3d surfaces.

Dent chairs challenge contemporary design, adding 3d look to sleek and simple lines. Their dented surfaces are comfortable, and adjustable legs allow the furniture design to grow or accommodate several individuals. Dent chairs offer space saving furniture design. They are stackable, light and easily movable around. Made out of ordinary veneer they feature amazing 3d surfaces, adding fantastic accents to modern interiors.

Contemporary chairs

Crumpled trends in contemporary design

Colorful contemporary chairs with 3d surfaces

The Dent Chairs made a debut at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair. These contemporary chairs look unusual and interesting, having an aesthetic appeal of various bright and neutral color shades.

These contemporary chairs immediately grab the attention, changing the way interior design looks and feels. In spite the crumpled seats, unique furniture pieces are designed to cup body curves for comfortable position.

Space saving furniture design, stackable Dent chairs

The contemporary chairs look great in any room, from dining room to entryways, waiting areas and offices. They make a unique furniture statement statement bringing decor items that look like artworks.

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