Concept Van Design Idea Adding Luxury to Future Camping Experiences

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Car interior design, large windows


Comfort, functionality, and chic are what Hymer, the German motorhome and caravan manufacturer adding to modern camping. Beautiful camper models showing smart space-saving ideas and intelligent integration of different features are perfect for contemporary nomads and nature lovers. Lushome presents the latest project from the Bad Waldsee-based company, which takes a slightly different and more emotional approach to modern traveling.

The Hymer VisionVenture concept design looks into the future of van life and created a car with two beds, a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Its futuristic design, a rear tailgate deck, an inflatable pop-top, a transforming wet/dry bathroom, space-saving ideas for storage, and smart furniture placement optimize the concept design and use more than 20 innovative materials. Some of these materials and contemporary technologies reduce the surface temperature of the vehicle and bring more comfort into the car interior. Also, new materials give a unique look to the design.

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Transformer home and garden on wheels

Cozy small house on wheels

New design ideas, futuristic van for traveling and camping

The camper comfortably accommodates two grown-ups in a two-story roaming apartment on wheels. An inflatable pop-top roof, which features nearly 2.8 inches thick walls for better insulation enhances the car interior and add a unique feature to the exterior design. The upper zone is reached through stairs, and upstairs there’s a section that opens up and forms a small balcony. Below that is the main living area with big windows for spectacular views.

Lake camping for nature lovers
Contemporary van design idea from Hymer, Germany


Space-saving ideas, van interior design

Small bathroom sink, space-saving ideas
Space-saving ideas, storage steps
Car interior design, large windows

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