Amazing Green Building Created with Growing Trees

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Green building interior with arched windows, lawn and wooden benches


This Green building, the Tree Church structure created with metal frames and growing trees, is amazing. Cement and bricks are changed for beautiful trees growing in a garden. Lushome presents this Green design idea providing fantastic inspirations for building gorgeous shelters and metal pergolas which may add stunning accents to any garden design.

The Green building of the church and gardens are created on 3 acres. The beautiful and Green Tree Church is in New Zealand. Intertwined branches with green leaves create the walls and roof, adding charm of natural design to the curch interior.

The frames of the walls and roof are made of metal. The original design idea of ​​the tree building belongs to Barry Cox, who envisioned this unusual Green building to allow people to take a break and relax.

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Green building design idea

Green building idea, Tree Church

Originally it was supposed to be a private shelter in a garden, but the design idea evolved and transformed into the growing Tree Church with gardens a maze in a place where once the ancient city of Jericho was.

Metal frames are strong enough to hold tree branches and shape the Green building. Alder trees were chosen because these branches are flexible to create the Green building shape.

Green building created with metal frames and growing trees

Beautiful garden structure is functional, unusual and spectacular. The Green building give great inspirations for eco friendly backyard designs harmoniously blending the nature with creative organic design.

Beautiful Green building and gardens

Green building interior with arched windows, lawn and wooden benches

  by Ena Russ   


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